Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

Inaugural Torah completion in Parliament House

03 Nov 2017

The Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture the Right Reverend Professor Stephen Pickard attended the inaugural Torah Completion Ceremony at Parliament House on October 19.

The event was hosted by five Jewish members of parliament, Rabbi Shmueli Feldman and the Jewish Community.

The Torah was handwritten by a quill on parchment and has taken about a year to complete.

It is the first Torah to be completed in Parliament House and the first to be owned by the Canberra Synagogue.

At the ceremony the final verse of the Torah was written and one letter each of the last word was witnessed by each of the five members of parliament: Julian Lesser MP, the Hon Michael Danby MP, the Hon Mark Dreyfus MP, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP and Dr Mike Freelander MP.

Professor Pickard was one of many faith traditions who attended the ceremony.

The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, who represented the Prime Minister, told guests that the Torah means instruction and provides basis of religious and moral obligations as well as civil laws.

'For those who follow the Torah it does provide us with more than just a spiritual guide it provides us with a degree of instruction. This particular Torah is remarkable. To think there are 300,000 words in this document and each document in the Jewish religion means something is very special,' he said. 

The event was recorded on the video below.