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Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University


The Creative Regions Lab aims to redefine creative activity in regional Australia to create regional futures. We are a teaching and research hub that drives the development of creative enterprises and activities in regional Australia.

Our core function is to conduct research, identify themes, invent industries, direct, coordinate,respond, and promote all projects nationally and internationally.

We operate through projects that combine the culture of regional creativity and innovation  with the invention of new productivity possibilities.

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Land Dialogues Conference 2016


Land Dialogues

The Land Dialogues Conference will take place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April 2016 at Charles Sturt University on its Wagga Wagga Campus.

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Damian Candusso - sound design Oscar


Damian Candusso

CSU academic, Dr Damian Candusso, was part of the team that won an Oscar this week for sound design on Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Meeting Room 1 - Participatory drawing performance


Meeting Room 1

Members of the public are once again invited to sit for a portrait by recent Archibald Prize Finalist Tony Curran – but this time there's a catch. Curran is asking people to pose for a portrait in the company of a complete stranger.

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Learning from inland: Redefining Regional Creativity


Creative Communities

Margaret Woodward & Craig Bremner have a book chapter in the book Creative Communities: Regional Inclusion and the Arts, edited by Janet McDonald and Robert Mason.

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Recent Projects

3-D Sound in Cinema


Damian at a shotgun range

Damian's research is investigating how cinema sound relates to the image in the new wave of digital stereoscopic 3D filmmaking. His research has led to residencies at the George Lucas owned Skywalker Ranch, California and at the Peter Jackson owned Park Road Post in New Zealand. The investigation explores sound as a 3D entity, and how the 3D representation of sound relates to the 3D representation of the image.

Project author: Damian Candusso

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‘Tree-changing’ and ‘lifestyle’ migration in rural and regional Australia


Rural Australia

The sociocultural phenomena that has come to be termed ‘tree-change’, much like its counterpart ‘sea-change’, is a media-inspired, popular culture phenomenon applied to various expressions of contemporary Australian ‘lifestyles’.  With deep roots in ‘population change’, ‘in-migration’, ‘counter-urbanisation’ and ‘population turnaround’, this interdisciplinary project sociologically examines the imagery, life-experiences, perceptions and community changes accompanying dynamic relationships between urban-rural Australia expressed through demographic change.

Project author: Angela Ragusa

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