Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

‘Tree-changing’ and ‘lifestyle’ migration in rural and regional Australia

Project Team

Angela Ragusa

Project Themes

  • Landscape
  • Sustainability
  • Urban Development
  • Regional Development
  • Tourism


The sociocultural phenomena that has come to be termed ‘tree-change’, much like its counterpart ‘sea-change’, is a media-inspired, popular culture phenomenon applied to various expressions of contemporary Australian ‘lifestyles’.  With deep roots in ‘population change’, ‘in-migration’, ‘counter-urbanisation’ and ‘population turnaround’, this interdisciplinary project sociologically examines the imagery, life-experiences, perceptions and community changes accompanying dynamic relationships between urban-rural Australia expressed through demographic change.

Rural Regional Australia

Globally contextualised, how international social movements, technological changes and social construction of environments interplay with natural environments, urban/rural planning and ideas governing ‘progress’, growth and development is critically considered to promote thriving natural and human environments.