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Faculty of Arts & Education Credit Packages

  • Credit can be represented as individual subject/s or via credit code/s dependent upon the discretion of the Faculty.
  • International Qualifications must be assessed by NOOSR where appropriate.
  • Determination of 'equivalence' will be made at the discretion of the Faculty.
  • Subject level/s or Credit code level/s awarded can vary.
  • Maximum levels of credit apply - refer to CSU Credit Regulations.
  • Some credit represents standard entry level credit packages applicable to admission criteria for set courses.
  • Credit linked to extension components of other subjects or additional conditional arrangements may be listed as FCR (Forward Credit). Where FCR is listed the conditional requirements relating to the credit granted must be met before the credit can be converted to Transfer Credit (TCR).
  • Credit will be granted in alignment with specific course structure requirements.
  • The Faculty of Arts & Education reserves the right to rescind or alter existing credit packages or approve new credit packages at any stage during the Academic Calendar year.
  • This list is not a comprehensive list of all credit available in the Education discipline and nor is it representative of credit available in the Arts discipline - further information is available via: or please contact your CSU for additional credit information where applicable.

Details of the Credit packages in the Faculty of Arts and Education [pdf]