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Arts and Education Faculty Human Ethics Committee

The Faculty Human Ethics Committee considers Low Risk Ethics Applications.  If your ethics application is not low risk, you must submit it to the University Human Research Ethics Committee.

Before you apply

Don't leave your ethics application to the last minute!  Think of it as an integral part of your research.

Fill in the low risk review form.

  1. Have you answered yes to any of the questions?
  2. If so, and you still think it is low risk, make sure you fill out the "special case" section at the end of the form.

Log on to National Ethics Application Form (NEAF) You'll be directed to the new Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) site.  In the transition between the NEAF and HREA ethics application forms for human research, either form will be accepted by CSU Human Ethics Committees (University HREC, and Faculty HREC), until March 2017. 

  1. Keep within the word limits of each section of the forms
  2. Please provide a reference list with your literature review - it does not have to be extensive but lets us know the currency of your research.
  3. Please note that the University Human Research Ethics Committee recommends that the minimum requirement for data storage is at least FIVE years after the last publication arising from the data. This is a MINIMUM requirement and you may keep the data for longer.

Make sure all the forms are reviewed signed by the appropriate parties.

  • HREA/NEAF Application Form
  • Low Risk Review Checklist
  • Participant Information Sheet
  • Participant Consent Form
  • Letters of solicitation of participants where relevant
  • Letters of authorisation from participating organisations where applicable
  • Copies of all proposed surveys and/or interview questions. Ensure different surveys are labelled or titled clearly to indicate with participants will be completing which survey (eg survey participant group A, survey participant group B OR survey for interviewer, survey for witnesses)

Templates and proformas for Information Letters and Consent Forms can be found on the University Human Research Ethics Committee page

IMPORTANT: The following information must be placed at the bottom of Information Letters and Consent Forms.

NOTE: The Faculty of Arts and Education Human Research Ethics Committee has approved this project. If you have any complaints or reservations about the ethical conduct of this project, you may contact the Committee through the Executive Officer:

Lisa McLean
Executive Officer
Faculty of Arts & Education Human Ethics Committee
Charles Sturt University
02 6338 4966

Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and investigated fully and you will be informed of the outcome.


Please submit low-risk ethics applications to Your application will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting.

Ensure that your ethics application and any amendments or responses go to this email address. 

Your application will either be:

  • approved;
  • approved pending clarification of minor points or grammatical corrections by committee members;
  • resubmission - requiring it to be considered at a future committee meeting once research/ethical issues are addressed or altered, or by a sub-committee prior to the next meeting;
  • Not approved – the committee cannot approve it and it may be forwarded to the main HREC.

Tips for responding to a reviewed application

If you are unclear about anything the committee has asked you to do, please contact the Chair as soon as possible.

To expedite the review process we ask that you provide your responses in a table such as below and highlight any changes within the NEAF [only if your computer program allows. For example, it's possible to do this using Adobe Acrobat PRO].

For example....

Committee CommentsResponse
Section 3.1.1Your response
Section 8.4Your response
Information LetterYour response

And another thing……

Do not submit an ethics application without proofreading and double-checking that all relevant sections have been answered.

Students must make sure that their supervisor has reviewed and signed their ethics application before submitting the application.

Chief Investigators must make sure that they have read and reviewed applications prepared by other parties, such as research assistants, before signing and submitting the application.

Finalising your project, requesting a variation or extension

If your research project was approved by the Faculty Ethics committee and you need to request a variation/extension or advise of completion, please use this form  (please right-click on this link and save the form to your computer to enable completion).

If your project was approved by the University ethics committee you need to use the form here:

Projects already approved by another human research ethics committee (HREC)

If your project has already been approved by another Human Research Ethics Committee, then you do not need to complete a new application.

If you wish to have a project that has already been approved by another HREC, then you are required to submit:

  1. An application for Approval of a Project Previously Approved by Another Human Research Ethics Committee
  2. The original application
  3. The approval letter from the approving HREC
  4. Any documentation which will require revision for use at CSU. For example plain language Information Sheets and Consent Forms providing CSU contacts and procedures.

You are also required to submit any documentation relating to modifications to the project that have been approved by the original HREC.

These documents should be submitted to the University Human Research Ethics Committee 

 Committee dates

Ethics applications must be
submitted by CoB
Faculty meeting date
6 February 201714 February 2017
6 March 201714 March 2017
2 April 201710 April 2017
8 May 201716 May 2017
5 June 201713 June 2017
10 July 201718 July 2017
7 August 201715 August 2017
11 September 201719 September 2017
9 October 201717 October 2017
6 November 201714 November 2017
4 December 201712 December 2017

Link to the University Human Research Ethics Committee website, and dates for the University committee

Committee members

The members of the Faculty of Arts and Education Ethics Committee

  • Associate Professor Fran Press (Chair)
  • Professor Linda Harrison (Associate Dean, Research)
  • Dr Ruth Ballardie (external member)
  • Dr Martin Hall (Education)
  • Dr Neill Overton (Communication & Creative Industries)
  • Dr Asim Qayyum (Information Studies) 
  • Prof Bruce Stevens (Theology)
  • Dr Frederick Velander (Humanities)
  • Dr Sandie Wong (Teacher Education)
  • Ms Lisa McLean (Faculty of Arts and Education) - executive officer

Alternate members

  • Dr Merilyn Crichton – Humanities
  • Dr Matt Winslade - Teacher Education
  • Dr Kip Langat - Education
  • Dr Mary Anne Kennan - Information Studies

Further alternate members are to be confirmed.

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