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Research Expertise

There is a diverse array of research undertaken within the Faculty of Arts and Education, ensuring we have supervisors with a broad scope of expertise.  

To find a specific area of interest, just start typing your topic in the search box. If you are a CSU Staff Member, you can also view a slide show/pdf of the broad range of work and research interests by staff in the Faculty of Arts and Education.

Name Content Expertise Methods Expertise Discipline
Aernie, Jeff
School of Theology
Gospel of Mark; Greek linguistics; Pauline Epistles (esp Corinthian correspondence); Pauline Theology
Afzal, Waseem
Information Studies
Human information behaviour; Information and knowledge management; Information communities
Coruh, Hakan
Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation
Medieval Exegesis of the Qur'an (Classical tafs?r); Modern Qur'an Exegesis (Modern tafs?r); Contemporary Islamic thought; Islamic Legal Theories (usul al-fiqh) and Jurisprudence
Crichton, Merrilyn
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Rural sociology; water politics and social equity; rural and regional mental health; rural social inequality; rural communities; qualitative social research; Bourdieu
Danaia, Lena
Teacher Education
Science education; Astronomy education; Teacher education; Transition (primary to high school and high school to tertiary); Teacher professional learning; Classroom practice; Curriculum development
Davidson, Christina
School of Education
Digital literacies; Young children's social interactions at home and in educational contexts Conversation analysis; Phenomenography; Interpretive phenomenological analysis; Ethnomethodology
Douglas, Brian
Anglican theology; Anglican sacramental theology; especially Eucharistic theology; interfaith dialogue
Edwards-Groves, Christine
School of Education
Literacy practices; Explicit teaching; Interaction; Professional development; Professional learning; Multiliteracies; Technoliteracies; Digital literacies; Practice architectures; Student voice; Multimodal writing processes Ethnomethodology
Fenton, Angela
School of Education
Early childhood education and care; Strengths approaches; Child protection; Health and safety; Child development; Emotional development; Capacity building; Parent-Educator partnerships; Children with complex needs; Resilience and well-being; Teacher education Cross discipline approaches
Fenton Taylor, Jill
School of Communication and Creative Industries
Organisational communication; qualitative research and evaluation methods; grounded theory; appreciative inquiry; narrative inquiry and methods; case study; storytelling; visual methodologies; performance text
Garrison, Kasey
Information Studies
Educational information services; Teacher librarianship; Academic libraries and libraries in educational settings; Children's and youth literature; Storytelling; e-learning and information literacies in educational contexts (schools and higher education); Educational informatics
Gottschall, Kristina
Indigenous Australian Studies
Cultural studies; Subjectivity (gender; childhood; Indigenous); Post-structuralism; Post-colonialism; Feminist theory Visual and textual analysis; Discourse analysis; Alternative research methods
Alexander, Donald
School of Communication and Creative Industries
Organisational communication internal and external); Public Relations; technology and communication; leadership and management communication; communication curricula development content analysis; case studies
Gray, Ian
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Rural community; sustainability; transport; regionalism
Hider, Philip
Information Studies
Information organisation; Information retrieval; Information architecture; Online information behaviour; Informetrics; Valuation of library and information services; LIS education Questionnaire surveys; transaction log analysis; usability/protocol analysis; content analysis; contingent valuation and choice modelling
Jamali, Hamid R.
Information Studies
Human information behaviour; health information; Scholarly communication; scientometrics Quantitative methods; Statistics; Mixed-methods design; Qualitative data analysis
Kennan, Mary Anne
Information Studies
E-research; Data management; Scholarly communication; Information openness; E-participation; Informed participation Interpretivist approaches; qualitative research methods; Actor-network theory; content analyses
Langat, Kiprono
School of Education
Teacher education; Workplace learning and development; International education; Critical pedagogy; Socio-cultural studies Ethnographic research; Case study; Critical discourse analysis
Letts, Will
Teacher Education
Science education; Cultural studies of science education; Gender and sexuality in schooling; Teacher education theory and practice ethnographic methods; queer theory; feminist poststructuralism
Liu, Jianxin (Richard)
Teacher Education
TESOL; New learning; Multimodality and multimodal assessment; Gender and masculinity studies; Cultural studies; China and Chinese studies; Post-structural and postcolonial theories
Liu, Ying-Hsang
Information Studies
Interactive information retrieval; Organisation of information and knowledge resources; User-centred design and evaluation of information retrieval systems
Luck, Morgan
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Philosophy of religion; metaphysics; new and alternative religious movements; video game ethics Analytical Philosophy
Lymn, Jessie
Information Studies
Collections; especially zines and other DIY and community collections; Archival practices; LGBTQI+ considerations in information studies; Research data management Qualitative research methods; Ethnography & autoethnography; Discourse analysis; Narrative; Queer theory & scavenger methods
Bacchus, Ruth
Literature; literary theory; reflective pedagogy; colonialism and post coloniality; especially India/South Asia; identity; subjectivity; feminism; post-structuralism; gender; sexuality; youth; childhood
MacDonald, Amy
School of Education
Early childhood mathematics education; Primary mathematics education; Mathematics curriculum and pedagogy; Transitions to school; Researching with children; Children's drawings; Representations; Ecological theory; Bronfenbrenner; Prior-to-school and out-of-school contexts; Early childhood STEM education; Professional development for early choldhood educators
MacKenzie, Noella
School of Education
Writing acquisition; Writing processes; Writing instruction; Early years literacy; Literacy education; Early reading instruction; Transition; Teacher morale; Teacher status; Teaching awards Qualitative
Masterman-Smith, Helen
Environmental sociology; sociology of animals; critical animal studies; sociology of work; labour history; political economy; social movement
McFarland, Laura
School of Education
Early childhood education; Parenting; Parent-educator relationships; Teacher-child relationships; Families; Birth-two education and care; Attachment; Parental well-being and mental health; early childhood environmental sustainability Mixed methodologies and cross-discipline approaches
McLeod, Sharynne
Teacher Education
Speech-language pathology; Early childhood; Speech; Multilingual
Mlcek, Susan
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Rural community development; community management; Indigenous ideas and issues; including cross-cultural competencies; volunteering; social capital; cultural capital; human services delivery; narratives from social work and human services; societal issues; for example: social inclusion of homeless people; marginalisation and isolation of refugees and migrants; sociology of education
Murray, Libbey
Teacher Education
Early childhood; Transition to school; School adjustment; Kindergarten; Starting school; Learning readiness; Including children in research; Teacher-child relationships; Classroom quality
Neville, David
School of Theology
New Testament Theology; Gospels; Hermeneutics; Scripture and Ethics; Scripture and Public Theology
Overton, Neil
School of Communication and Creative Industries
Drawing; art history and visual culture; art theory; art prizes; drawing-to-design; art reviews; novelists; theatre history; film history; animation; performance art; gender; issues in contemporary art; drawing exhibition practice; newspaper illustration; cartooning; visual journalism; Surrealist poetry; fine art; creative industries; photohistories; biography; interviews; writing for the arts; curator
Owens, Kay
Teacher Education
Mathematics education particularly transitions in culture and early childhood education; Geometry and measurement education; Visuospatial reasoning; Ethnomathematics; Evaluation research; Indigenous education particularly in Papua New Guinea and Australia; Curriculum evaluation; Human society and environmental education studies; Integrating ICTs in schools Mixed methods; Quantitative; Qualitative research
Bell, Karen
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Post-conventional social work theory; gender; social justice; ecological social work; psychosocial aspects of assisted reproduction; rural health; rural service delivery; women's health; qualitative research; social work education; international social work and international mobility programs;
Pawar, Manohar
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Social work and social policy; international social work; social development; social consequences of climate change and water; social work education; informal care and ageing; community development
Press, Frances
School of Education
Early childhood education; Policy; Leadership; Integrated early year's services; ECEC workforce
Qayyum, Asim
Information Studies
Human computer/document interaction; Digital libraries; Information and knowledge management; User needs; Information practices
Ragusa, Angela
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Social change; problems & inequality - class; gender; culture & sexuality; institutional and attitudinal change; environmental sociology; media & communication studies; leisure & work; materialism/consumerism; land use; migration; post-productivism & tree/sea-change; political sociology; social movements & social control/power; mental health; sociology of science & technology
Rush, Emma
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Environmental ethics; professional ethics; sexualisation of children
Segal, Alex
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Literary theory; literature and philosophy; modernism; romanticism; poststructuralism
Simmons, Peter
School of Communication and Creative Industries
Organisational communication; internal and external; Principles for professional communication of fairness and legitimacy; Human perspectives on coexistence with non-human animals; Strategies and tactics for communicating the future. Social media analysis; Surveys; questionnaires; interviews; vignettes
Smith, David
School of Education
Online learning; Learning design; Educational leadership; Technology assisted pedagogy; Mobile learning; Information literacy and practice Mixed methods
Spence, Edward
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Media Ethics; Digital Ethics; Philosophy and Ethics of Information; Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; Philosophy and Ethics of Computer Games; Philosophy and Ethics of Technology; ??Media Corruption; Corruption; Hellenistic and Roman Ethics; Philosophy and Ethics through Performance
Thompson, Kim
Information Studies
Socio-cultural information studies; Information access; Information poverty; Usability analysis; Information society
Bowker, Sam
School of Communication and Creative Industries
Research methods in art history and curatorship; learning in museum/ gallery contexts; portraiture and self-portraiture; war art; khayamiya (Egyptian tentmaker applique); Australian art; travelling artists; orientalism; anonymity in art history; tourist art; ancient art; nineteenth-century European art; Islamic art and architecture
Uniacke, Suzanne
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Applied philosophy; ethics; philosophy of law; social and political philosophy
Van Duinen, Jared
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Imperialism; colonialism; sports history; British empire; transnationalism; social and cultural history; historiography; history theory; Anglo-Australian history
Vigliante, Tace
Teacher Education
Social justice education; Anti-racism education; Indigenous studies in higher/teacher education; Philosophy for and with children; Philosophical and ethical inquiry in teacher education; Capabilities Approach in education; Society and Environment (social studies) education
Woodward, Margaret
Faculty of Arts
Communication design; heritage interpretation design; creative regions; creative industries; creative practice; publishing as art practice; souvenirs and tourism communication
Yi, Zhixian
Information Studies
Management and leadership for information professionals; Change management; Knowledge management; Marketing techniques; Information needs and use; Digital libraries; Information technology use Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
Zundans-Fraser, Lucie
Teacher Education
Inclusive education; Special education; Gifted education; Course design; Curriculum design; Collaborative practice; Higher education Qualitative research methods; Design-based research
Iner, Derya
Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation
Islamophobia; Muslims in the West and Australia; Religiosity; Women in Islam and Muslim societies; Early 20th century intellectual debates in the Muslim world and its extension today; Early 20th century Muslim Women history Interdisciplinary study; mixed methods; archival research in early periodicals; research in Ottoman archives
Keskin, Zuleyha
Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation
Inner peace; Islamic spirituality; Radicalism and Violenet Exrtremism; Islamic Education in the West
Yucel, Salih
Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation
Islamic Theology; Quranic Exegesis; Jurisprudence; interfaith relations and contemporary Islamic movements
Sertkaya, Suleyman
Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation
S?rah of the Prophet (Biography of Prophet Muhammad) and S?rah Philosophy; Interpretation of Islamic Sacred Texts; Tafsir (Exegesis of the Qur’an) and Had?th (Prophetic Tradition); Islamic Theology; Radicalisation and Islam; Islam and Morality; Oral History, History of Islam and Muslims in Australia
Candusso, Damian
School of Communication and Creative Industries
Sound; Sound Design; Sound Production; Film; Film Production; Spatialisation Surround Sound; Film technology; Documentary; Interactivity; Immersion; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Music; 3D; 3-D; Cinema; Music Technology; Music Production; Screen; Television; Games; Sonification
Mehmet, Ozalp
Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation
Islam in the West: Islam and West relations, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, social cohesion/multiculturalism in Australian and in the West, Islamophobia, radicalisation, citizenship and integration; Muslim Youth in the West: Muslim youth identity and identity formation, Muslim youth issues in Western societies and in Australia; Islamic theology and its contemporary applications in public theology; Islamic classical and modern history including contemporary religious, cultural, political issues in the Middle East
Carroll, Mary
Information Studies
Information infrastructure; Access and equity; Education in work place; Vocational education and higher education; Libraries and their role in the community; Libraries as social and cultural institutions; Impact of outside agencies particularly philanthropic agencies on the Australian education landscape
Clarke, Stephen
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Applied Ethics; Medical Ethics; Professional Ethics; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Moral Psychology; Philosophy of Religion; Conscientious Objection; Human Enhancement; Cognitive Bias; Cognitive Science of Religion; Tolerance; Religion and Violence; Conspiracy Theories Analytic Philosophy; Naturalistic Philosophy; Empirically Informed Philosophy
Cohen, Daniel
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Free will; moral responsibility; self-control; ethical theory; population ethics analytic philosophy

Adjunct Supervisors

The Faculty of Arts and Education would like to acknowledge the important contributions that its adjunct staff make, usually without financial compensation, to the supervision of many of our research students. A list of adjunct supervisors of research students in the Faculty of Arts and Education follows.

  • Dr Peter Adams
  • Dr Jill Fenton-Taylor
  • Dr Anne Lloyd
  • Dr Donna Mathewson-Mitchell
  • Professor David McKinnon
  • Dr Doreen Rorrison
  • Dr Peter Rushbrook
  • Professor Ninetta Santoro
  • Dr Ross Todd
  • Dr Umar Umangay
  • Dr Kirsty Williamson

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