Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Early Childhood Studies Research

The Early Childhood Studies Research Priority Area provides a research focus for a vibrant group of senior researchers, mid and early career researchers, post doctoral fellows, PhD students and adjuncts who share a common interest in the early years.

We have an active research program focused on making a difference to children, their life chances and current and future well-being through access to high quality provision for early learning and development. We aim to be responsive to current government policy agendas and to pre-empt, lead and inform future agendas. Our research program is dynamic, problem focused and endeavours to address the interconnected nature of the challenges associated with high quality early years provision.

Our research program is supported through Australian Research Council grants, competitive tenders and Australian Postgraduate Awards, amongst other funding sources.

We have close connections with early years researchers from around Australia, regularly host visits from leading international researchers, and want to continue to build collaborative links. Research mentoring is a major focus and our annual writing retreat is always a highlight.

Research Leader: Professor Jennifer Sumsion