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Dr Bill Anscombe

Dr Bill Anscombe


Bill has a Social Work degree from Sydney University, a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, a Certificate and Diploma in Theology, a Master's qualification in Social Policy and in 2009 completed doctoral studies through CSU in Social Work on the topic "Consilience in Social Work".

Bill worked for twenty years within the NSW Department of Corrective Services where he was principally involved in community based corrections as a Probation and Parole Officer, Office Manager, Regional Operations Manager and Acting Regional Director. He was selected for the Department's Senior Executive Development Program. He subsequently joined Charles Sturt University in 1993 where he pursued interests in corrections, rural community development, indigenous issues, the rural church, and has been selected by the International Council of Canadian Studies for an International exchange.

In 2001 he was invited to become the Director of Child and Family Services ( Western NSW ) where he was responsible for 72% of the state, 160 staff and an operating budget of $14 million.

He returned to the University in 2002 and continued to operate in a joint appointment between the University and a government department until 2004 before returning to the University full-time. In 2004 he was a member of a three person National Government Review team. He has taught in a wide range of subjects in Social Work and Corrections including Theory and Practice subjects, Practicum subjects and specialist subjects.

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  • Indigenous people,
  • corrections,
  • child protection,
  • rural service systems,
  • the rural church.

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  • Pawar M, Hugman R, Alexander A and Anscombe AW (2017 forthcoming) Empowering Social Workers Springer/Palgarve
  •  Pawar M and Anscombe AW (2015) Reflective Social Work Practice Cambridge University Press
  • Anscombe AW and Doyle R (ed) (1998) - Aboriginal and Ethnic Communities in Rural Australia. CRSR Wagga Wagga
  • A W (Bill) Anscombe, Katie Murrell-Orgill, Monica Short (2007) Social Work:  Engaging Indigenous Communities
  •  Anscombe AW (2012) A Life in Memoirs

 Book Chapters

  • Anscombe AW (2005)   The Over-representation of Indigenous persons in Custody In O'Toole S and Eyland S Corrections Criminology  Hawkins Press
  •  Anscombe AW   (2009) Indigenous Education in Australia In I Thompson (Ed) Walking in the Right Way: Indigenous Education Canadian Scholars Press
  • AW Anscombe  (2007)  Participation and Inclusion  In Pawar M (ed) Building Capacity for Participation
  •  AW Anscombe  (2010)  Two identities In T Whitford (ed) Where the Crow flies backwards
  •  Anscombe A W (2012)  HILTU Community Development and DHS/Centrelink: the praxis of Good in Heather Barton, Monica Short and Therese Jones-Mutton (editors)  Engaging with the community – real people, real lives real stories  CSU/Department of Human Services

 Other Published Articles

  • Anscombe AW  Bushfires Boundaries and the Back of Beyond. In  Over the Great Divide NSW Branch AASW (1996)
  • Anscombe AW and Lawler R  Homeland Development - Public Policy Directions for the Future  Rural Social Work 1995/96 La Trobe University
  • AW Anscombe Not Either/or but Both/And: Partnerships between Industry and the field Australian Social Work   Journal  (12/01)
  •  Anscombe  A W  and Bell K (2010) India Study Tour International Social Work Programme  Charles Sturt University
  •  Anscombe  A W  and Barton H (2012) India Study Tour – Sustainability  International Social Work Programme  Charles Sturt University
  • Bell, K. & Anscombe, A. (2012) International field experiences in Social Work: Outcomes of a study abroad program. SocialWork Education: The International Journal.


Authored Reports   

  1. The Purpose, Value and Effect of Chaplaincies at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital.
  2. The Purpose Value and Effect of Chaplaincies in the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn – developing a common evaluation measure.
  3. Talking Together, Walking Together, Agreeing Together – A Regional Agreements Pilot Study.
  4. School/Community Profiling
  5. Spatial Mapping of Disabilities
  6. McKillop Rural Community Services An Evaluation
  7. Nuugurumbang Dreaming
  8. Community Influentials and Formation of Racial Views in Rural and Regional Australia
  9. Evaluation of the Juvenile Justice Diversion Programme for Bungarimbul
  10. National Illicit Drug Strategy Evaluation of Bourke, Brewarrina and Walgett
  11. A Study of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse HACC Clients in Albury/Wodonga
  12. Determining whether students perform academically better in On-campus Accommodation that those in Off-Campus Accommodation
  13. Linden Place IncorporatedPolicy and Procedures Manual
  14. Riverina Murray Families First Pilot Supported Playgroups' Evaluation
  15.  The Riverina Regional Multi-Cultural Health Study
  16. Developing the spiritual dimensions (chaplaincy/pastoral care) of students and staff associated with Charles Sturt University
  17. Review of the Rural Financial Counselling Services.

Unpublished Internal Articles and papers

  • 2001    127 Ministerial papers/Ombudsman Reports
  • 2003    Paper for Child Death Review Team
  • 2001    Paper on Partnerships, Contracting and Sub-Contracting
  • 2001    Paper reforming OOHC High Intensity Services in the Western Area
  • 2001    Paper reforming JIRT in the Western Area
  • 2001    Paper closing an OOHC service and the re-auspicing of another service
  • 2002    Paper on Hard to Fill Rural Recruitment
  • 2002    Paper on Standards for Aboriginal Recruitment (now adopted State wide)
  • 2003    Submission to the Senate enquiry in DoCS
  • 2003    Submission to the Review of Aboriginal Children's Services
  • 2004    Paper on Mentoring in DoCS

National and International Conference Papers

 2012 ICSD Asia Pacific Conference Empowerment and social development through reciprocal  learningYogjakarta, Indonesia  

 2012 IFSW Conference in Stockholm in July and delivered three papers:

  1. More than Intellect/ More than Beds:  Social Work, respect for religion and the secular University
  2. Profession in Crisis – Gender and Motivation in Social Work
  3. The use of Being in Social Work (with Professor Manohar Pawar)

International Federation of Social Workers -Adelaide 2004  Resourcing through a Mobile Student Unit

 National Australian Child Protection Conference 2003 Voices and Choices from the Square -Videoconferencing in Rural and Remote NSW

 AASW Conference - Canberra  No Rates - No Services: Indigenous Communities and Local Government

AASW Conference (Brisbane)   Shunned and Voiceless : Prisoners, Post Release Planning and Social Work

Canadian Association of Social Workers Schools of Social Work  - Ottawa 1998  2 Papers

Leaning Right - Australian Indigenous People and Government and Indigenous Australians Struggle for Self-Government and its Implications for Social Work Education

University of Regina (1998) - Lectures on Australian Indigenous studies.

Charles Sturt University Reasoning and Decision-Making Conference 1998  Set in the Unmoveable; Given the Inevitable; Utilising the Insignificant ; moulding the Unmalleable or when is a thief not a thief  

AASWWE Conference - Perth 2002   Children, Crisis and Casework : A collaborative Partnership between Industry and University

AASW Conference (2003)   Co-operating for Social Justice – Indigenous Education

AASW Conference (2003)   Rural and Remote Practice: Social Work's  Cinderella still Waiting for Social Justice

 Centalink Social Workers Conference for Area South West Social Inclusion and Participation  (2004)

Centrelink  Social Workers Conference for Area South West Trends in Disaster Management (2005)

Centrelink  Social Workers Conference for Area South West Social Workers Engaging Indigenous Communities (2007)

Institute of Land Water and Society (2006) Aqua Nullius – the Place of Indigenous People in the Water Debate  Catchment Management Authority  Annual Conference

Charles Sturt University Student Experience Conference (2006) More than Beds – the place of the Spiritual in providing University Accommodation

Charles Sturt University Learning and Teaching Conference (2009) On the Bus with Paulo Friere – student engagement

 Charles Sturt University Learning and Teaching Conference (2012) Revisiting Luddism

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  • Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers
  • Member of the Social Work Board of Studies
  • Chair of St Martin 's College
  • St. Martin's Residential College. – President/Chair and Director
  • Anglicare South, West and ACT – Deputy Chairperson/Director
  • Bush Church Aid Society (BCA) – Director and Executive Council Member
  • St Paul's Outreach Trust - Director
  • Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) National Board of Assessors
  • St Paul's Turvey Park Parish Councillor and member of the Clergy Appointment Board
  • Professional Misconduct Panel Chair  - Anglican Diocese of the Riverina

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  • 2014 Wafrica Nominee for the Individual Community Award
  • 2012 Australian Refugee Council/STARTTS Humanitarian Award (Regional)
  • 2011 CSU Faculty of Arts Team Leadership Award (with others)
  • 2010 CSU Faculty of Arts Team Leadership Award (with others)
  • 2008 Australian Government National Volunteers Award

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