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Monica Short

 Monica Short

Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Social Welfare (Welfare and Social Policy)


Monica Short has a degree in Social Work and a Master of Social Welfare (Welfare and Social Policy). She has worked for over 20 years in large government organisations.

She has a particular interest in:

  • Mutual dialogic exchanges between theologians, sociologists and social workers
  • Community engagement/mission within churches/ministries and their local communities
  • Social Work career pathways including for 'peoples' living with disabilities
  • Social Work education including field practicum
  • Rural issues

Monica is a member of:

  • the Australian Association of Social Workers
  • the ACT/NSW Combined Universities Field Education Group
  • Believing in 'peoples' living with disabilities research community

She is based in Sydney.

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Monica lectures in the following subjects:

  • HCS303 Social Work Field Education 1
  • HCS505 Social Work Field Education 1
  • HCS402 Social Work Field Education 2
  • HCS506 Social Work Field Education 2
  • SWK424 Social Work Field Education 2A
  • WEL418 Case Management

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Monica Short is currently researching how an integrated lens with an epistemological base in theology, sociology and social work can through dialogue inform thinking about social phenomena within local communities.    Monica's preferred research methods are co-operative inquiry and case study - with a focus on researching 'with' people rather than 'about' people.

Monica Short is a current and active member of the Believing in 'Peoples living with Disabilities' Research Community.  This community meets weekly and is currently researching the experiences of people who are studying and/or working and living with a disability.

Monica has chaired or been a member of committees for professional development conferences for Social Workers, including conferences for: Field Education, Social Inclusion and Community Development; Capacity Building, Income Support and Employment; and Engaging Indigenous Communities. Three of these conferences led to joint CSU and (DHS) Centrelink publications.

Monica has published and written in the following areas: Reforms in Welfare Delivery and Community Development, Field Education, Social Work Induction/Pathways including ability, and Basic Counselling Skills.

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Believing in 'peoples' living with disabilities research community papers
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Generic Social Work
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Research Methodology
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Spirituality, religion, faith
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