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Isobel Ruth Bailey

 Isobel Bailey


Ruth has been a family therapist and psychotherapist since 1984, and an academic within the social sciences since 2011.

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  • Social Work Theory and Practice 2 (HCS202)
  • Counselling Theory and Practice (WEL423)
  • Mental Health Practice (HCS310).

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  • Moorhead, B., Bell, K., Mutton-Jones, T., Boetto, H., and Bailey, I. (2017). Pedagogies for developing students' professional identity in neo-conservative environments. Australia New Zealand Social Work and Welfare Education and Research Symposium 2017. Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Bailey, I.R., Bell, K., Kalle, W., & Pawar, M. (2014). Restoring Meaning to Supervision Through a Peer Consultation Group In Rural Australia. Journal of Social Work Practice, (ahead of print), 1-18.
  • Bailey, I., & Barton, H. (2014). Narcissism and the Social Work Response. Australian Social Work, (ahead-of-print), 1-11.
  • Bailey, I.R., (2012) Non-Violent Engagement with Weakness: For Stronger Mental Health, in Pulla, V., Chenowyth, L., Francis, A., Bakaj, S., (eds.) (2012). Papers in Strengths Based Practice. Allied Publishers

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  • Fully Accredited Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers
  • Fully Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

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