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Research at SIS

The School of Information Studies engages in a wide range of research activities in the information science field. Its staff are active as part of research centres and groups, both locally and internationally, and as individuals.

Our Researchers' areas of expertise

Documenting society

Archives, records, documents and data management; data curation; collection management; institutions and repositories, material culture and cultural heritage; conservation and preservation; the history of archives, library and information science

Researchers: Mary Carroll, Mary Anne Kennan, Jessie Lymn

Educational information services

Teacher librarianship; academic libraries and libraries in educational settings; children's and youth literature; storytelling; e-learning and information literacies in educational contexts (schools and higher education); educational informatics.

Researchers: Kasey Garrison

Human information behaviour

Information behaviour; information use; information seeking; information literacy; information behaviour in specific contexts (e.g. human computer interaction, health informatics); information decision-making; web usability.

Researchers: Waseem AfzalYing-Hsang Liu, Hamid R. Jamali, Mary Anne Kennan, Asim Qayyum

Information organisation and knowledge representation

Organisation of knowledge; information resource description; bibliographic control (incl. cataloguing and classification); indexing; metadata; information retrieval; information architecture; document modelling (incl. information re purposing and reuse); digital library organisation and knowledge representation systems.

Researchers: Philip Hider, Hamid R. Jamali, Ying-Hsang Liu

Information and knowledge management

Knowledge management; library management; digital library management; information services; content management systems; information systems (incl. specialised information systems and environments e.g. e-Commerce, business, health and government information systems).

Researchers: Waseem Afzal, Jessie Lymn, Asim Qayyum, George Yi

Information communities

Social informatics, social contexts and the social shaping of information and communication; social issues in information infrastructure and information management (e.g. digital divide, equity); community organisations and information use; community and the public domain; information access, information ethics, information policy and information privacy.

Researchers: Waseem Afzal, Mary CarrollHamid R. Jamali, Jessie Lymn, Mary Anne Kennan, Asim Qayyum

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Interested in Doctoral Studies?

The School has a large number of research students, most of whom are enrolled in our PhD program.
Staff are available to supervise students in the topic areas listed above.Find our more about our PhD application process

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