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Information Organisation Element Sets

Name Author Year Publisher Keywords
Access to biological collection data (ABCD) Darwin Core Task Group 2006 Biodiversity Information Standards Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG) Biodiversity; Specimen collections
AGLS metadata standard 2010 National Archives of Australia Administration; Government; Public records
Content standard for digital geospatial metadata 1998 U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee Geography; Geospatial characteristics
Crystallographic information framework (CIF) International Union of Crystallography Working Party on Crystallographic Information 2002 International Union of Crystallography Crystallography
Darwin core Darwin Core Task Group 2013 Biodiversity Information Standards Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG) Biodiversity
Data documentation initiative (DDI) 2009 DDI Alliance Behavioural sciences; Research; Social sciences; Survey instruments
Data model for astronomical dataset characterisation 2008 International Virtual Observatory Alliance Astronomy; Astrophysics
DataCite metadata schema 2011 DataCite Research
DET learning resource metadata (DETLRM) 2010 New South Wales Department of Education and Training Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI) Education; Learning objects
Directory interchange format (DIF) 2004 NASA Global Change Master Directory Earth sciences; Geography
Dublin Core metadata element set Dublin Core Metadada Initiative (DCMI) 2009 Documentation
EBU core metadata set (EBUcORE) 2014 European Broadcasting Union Audio; Broadcasting; Music; Video
AGRIS application profile for the International Information System on Agricultural Sciences and Technology guidelines on best practices for information object description Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Library and Documentation Systems Division 2005 Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Agriculture
EdNA metadata standard 2000 Education Services Australia Education
e-GMS e-Government metadata standard LAWs Project Information Architecture & Standards 2004 U.K. Office of the e-Envoy Administration; Government; Public records
Fisheries metadata element set (FiMES) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Fisheries and Aquaculture Department Fisheries
Friend of a Friend (FOAF) Dan Brickley; Libby Miller 2000 people; computers
Government information locator service (GILS) 1994 U.S. Geological Survey Administration; Government; Public records
Government of Canada records management metadata standard Government On-Line Metadata Working Group - Records Management Sub-Group 2006 Library and Archives Canada Public records; Records management
Hydrologic ontology for discovery Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science; Inc (CUAHSI) Hydrology
ID3 Music; mp3
IEEE standard for learning object metadata 2002 IEEE Education; Learning objects
Information artifact ontology Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) Project 2011 Google Code Biology; Medicine
AGRkMS: Australian Government Recordkeeping Metadata Standard National Archives of Australia) 2015 National Archives of Australia) Recordkeeping
International guidelines for museum object information 1995 International Committee for Documentation of the International Council of Museums Cultural objects; Museums
IPTC photo metadata standard 2014 International Press Telecommunications Council News; Photographs; Photojournalism
ISAD(G): General international standard archival description ICA Ad Hoc Commission on Descriptive Standards 2000 International Council on Archives Archives
ISA-Tab 2008 ISAcommons Experiments; Genomics; Metabolomics; Proteomics; Transcriptomics
IsraCore Inter-University Computation Center (IUCC) Education; Learning objects
MADS: Metadata Authority Description Schema 2004 Library of Congress authority data
MIDAS heritage Forum on Information Standards in Heritage (FISH) 2012 English Heritage Heritage assets; Historic environment; History
MIX: metadata for images in XML schema Library of Congress images
MODS: Metadata Object Description Schema Library of Congress 2002 Library of Congress Bibliographic resources
Music ontology specification Y. Raimond 2012 Music
ANZ-LOM metadata application profile 2014 Education Services Australia Education; Learning objects
Music ontology: Musicontology Music
NewsML G2 2014 International Press Telecommunication Council Multimedia; News; Telecommunication
ONIX for books 2009 EDItEUR Books; Book supply
ONIX for price catalog (ONIX-PC) 2012 EDItEUR Subscription products
ONIX for serials 2011 EDItEUR Periodicals; Subscription products
Ordered list ontology S. Abdallah 2010 Lists
PBCore Public Broadcasting in the United States 2011 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Audiovisual media; Broadcasting
PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata 2015 Library of Congress preservation
Programmes ontology Y. Raimond 2009 British Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting; Radio programs; Television programs
Publishing requirements for industry standard metadata (PRISM) PRISM Working Group 2012 IDEAlliance Content; Publishing; Resources
ANZLIC metadata profile 2007 ANZLIC - the Spatial Information Council Geography; Geospatial characteristics; Land use
RDA (Resource description and access) element sets Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA 2012 Open Metadata Registry Bibliographic resources
RSS 2.0 specification D. Winer 2002 Harvard Law School Berkman Center for Internet & Society Content syndication; Websites
SCORM metadata structure Advanced Distributed Learning 2004 Rustici Software e-learning; Learning management systems; Learning objects
SEACOOS data dictionary S. Haines 2004 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Department of Marine Sciences Climate; Oceans
SEPIADES: Recommendations for cataloguing photographic collections K. Aasbø 2003 European Commission on Preservation and Access Photographs
SPASE (meta)data model SPASE Consortium 2014 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Heliospheric Physics Laboratory Heliophysics; Space physics; Sun
SPECTRUM: The UK museum documentation standard 2011 Collections Trust Cultural objects; Museums
TEI guidelines for electronic text encoding and interchange 2007 TEI Consortium Digital resources; Documentation; Humanities; Texts; Social sciences
U.S. GLOBEC data thesaurus U.S. GLOBEC Program 2007 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Oceans
UK LOM core L. M. Campbell 2004 Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards Education; Learning objects
Astronomy visualization metadata standard (AVM) 2008 Virtual Astronomy Multimedia Project (VAMP) Astronomy
VET metadata application profile (Vetadata) 2005 Australian Department of Education; Employment and Workplace Relations Learning objects; Training; Vocational education
VRA core Visual Resources Association Data Standards Committee 2007 U.S. Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office Images; Visual arts; Visual culture
VSO Data Model 2007 Virtual Solar Observatory solar data; astronomy
XOBIS: XML Organic Bibliographic Information Schema D. R. Millet et al 1998 Stanford University Bibliographic resources
Australian Government email metadata standard (AGEMS) Chief Information Officer Committee 2005 National Archives of Australia Email; Government
CanCore Learning Resource Metadata Initiative 2006 learning objects; education
Categories for the description of works of art (CDWA) P. Harpring 2014 J. Paul Getty Trust Art works

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