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Associate Professor Lucie Zundans-Fraser

Associate Professor Lucie Zundans-Fraser

BA (MU); DipEd (MU); MEd: Special Education (USyd); MA (MU); MEd: Gifted & Talented (UNE); PhD (CSU)

Lucie is the Acting Deputy Dean for the Faculty of Arts and Education and the educational leader in the School of Teacher Education specialising in inclusive education and educational psychology. Her research examines higher education course and subject design, pre-service teachers and their understandings of inclusion, and the use of evidence-based pedagogies in education. In 2013-2014 Lucie was seconded to the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) as the Assistant Director, Smart Learning. For the first half of 2016 she was appointed Associate Head of School (Staffing and Professional Development). This was an institution wide teaching and learning leadership role. Her doctoral work examined course design in higher education and is titled 'Self-organisation in course design: A collaborative, theory-based approach to course development in inclusive education'. Lucie is the recipient of two national, and multiple institutional, teaching excellence awards.

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Current Research Projects

  • Institutional structures and their impact on course design (2015-2016)
  • Exceptional learners in higher education (2016-2017)

Research Funding

  • Zundans-Fraser, L. (2015).uImagine Online Learning Model pilots ($5,000)
  • Zundans-Fraser, L. (2015). Charles Sturt University writing up award. ($5,000)
  • Bain, A. (CI), Lancaster, J., Parkes, R., and Zundans, L.(2004). CELT Scholarship in Teaching. Technology Tools for Inclusion: The role of curriculum authoring and feedback tools in preparing inclusive education teachers.
  • Bain,A., Lancaster,J., McDonagh,S., and Zundans, L. (2005). Faculty of Education Research and Development Fund. Inclusive Education research and Development Grant
  • Zundans, L. (2005) Australian Government grant for further study in gifted education

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Lucie is the first CSU academic staff member to receive national teaching award citations (Australian Award for University Teaching) for outstanding contribution to student learning as both an individual and team member. In 2012 she was awarded an individual citation For sustained teaching expertise in inclusive education and child development that engages, challenges and inspires student learning. In 2013, as a member of the Inclusive Education Team, the team was awarded a citation For sustained commitment to capacity building, change agency and bringing research to scale through evidence-based approaches to educational design, learning and teaching in Inclusive Education.

Teaching Awards

  • 2013 – Australian Award for University Teaching (OLT) – team award (Bain, Zundans-Fraser, McDonagh, Lancaster, Auhl & Newell)
  • 2013 -  Faculty of Education Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (team award) - with the Inclusive Education Team (Zundans-Fraser, McDonagh, Lancaster, Auhl & Newell)
  • 2012 – Australian Award for University Teaching (OLT)
  • 2007 – Vice Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award (CSU)
  • 2007 – Faculty of Education Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2006 – Faculty of Education Team Teaching Excellence Award – with the Inclusive Education Team (Bain, Lancaster, McDonagh, Newell & Zundans)

Teaching Areas

  • Inclusive education
  • Course and curriculum design
  • Child development
  • Gifted education

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Professional Engagement 

  • Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE)
  • Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA)
  • Australian Association of Special Education (AASE)
  • Australian College of Educators (ACE) - Western region secretary

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  • Bain, A., & Zundans-Fraser, L. (under contract). The self-organizing university. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.
  • Bain, A., & Zundans-Fraser, L. (2016). Rising to the challenge of transforming higher education: Designing universities for learning and teaching. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

Book Chapters

  • Zundans-Fraser, L., Hill, B., & Bain, A. (2017). "Strong foundations, stronger futures: Using theory-based design to embed Indigenous Australian content in a teacher education programme". In Paul Whitinui, Carmen Rodriguez de France and Onowa McIvor (eds.) Promising practices in indigenous teacher education, Springer Education.
  • Auhl, G., Gainsford, A., Hill, B., & Zundans-Fraser, L. (2017). "Indigenous cultural competence: The why, what, who and how of building coherent courses in teacher education". In Paul Whitinui, Carmen Rodriguez de France and Onowa McIvor (eds.) Promising practices in indigenous teacher education, Springer Education. 

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Zundans-Fraser, L., & Auhl, G. (2016). A theory-driven approach to course design in inclusive education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 41(3), 140-157.
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