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The Seductions of the Beach

04 Jan 2019  |  Author:   | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Civil society and politics

Robert Drewe argues in his new book that the beach is part of the Australian consciousness at many levels, writes Toni Hassan.

Remembering Our Future

20 Dec 2018  |  Author: Douglas Hynd  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Religions and dialogue

While the Christian churches in Australia failed dismally in their handling of child sexual abuse, the response to refugees is one area of public policy in which, as Erin Wilson (now Director of the Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain, University of Groningen) noted in her survey in the Journal of Refugee Studies in 2011, there was “[m]uch to be proud of, much to be done.”

Theology, anthropology, and the invocation to be otherwise

14 Dec 2018  |  Author: Philip Fountain, Doug Hynd and Tobias Tan  | Theme: Religions and dialogue; Public theology and ethics

One area of tension between the disciplines of anthropology and theology is the question of normativity—an invocation to be otherwise.

How free-range playscapes across Canberra help our children to grow

13 Dec 2018  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; The Arts, Sciences and Culture

Suddenly, Canberra appears awash with adventure playgrounds. One's just opened at my local primary school complete with tunnels, a dry creek bed and undulations that children clamber around, and play games that they create rather than have created for them.

The Important and humbling work of doing diversity

04 Sep 2018  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

Growing up in suburban Sydney, I broke bread with all kinds. The dismantling of the White Australia policy in the 1960s and 1970s had allowed my parents to bring me from South Africa, aspire to belong and buy a house on a quarter acre block. My father started a business. Schooled in Islam, he ensured we never ate pork. I went to a public school alongside Aboriginal, Slavic, Italian, Greek and Malay students, as well as Anglos. Embracing the Jesus story, I found mentors in a diverse and welcoming community in Anglican and Baptist churches while still connected to my Muslim family.


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