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Christmas Appeal 2015

This Christmas Appeal comes to you during a season in the Church's life marked by hope and expectation for a better time to come, and a time for renewed dialogue and peace between the nations and among the peoples and cultures of Australia. This vision lies at the heart of the Centre's work. The Centre holds a unique place in Australian Christianity. It is genuinely ecumenical; it is prophetic in its work; well credentialed in its research and academic community; and most importantly it is making an impact. It is work worthy of support.

We have a number of special projects for 2016 that focus on the arts that we would like to commend to you for support. Early in 2016 we will host an art exhibition of works produced by asylum seekers and refugees which depicts their struggles and hopes. We are also investing in an upgrade of our facilities so that the Centre will be able to host the touring Blake Prize, Australia's most important religious arts prize. 2016 will also be the year of our first Religious Short Film Prize. And later in the year we are planning a Blessings and Blues event. Such projects all require significant investment of funds.

The arts have the capacity to speak to our society in a very special way. They provide a powerful voice to challenge who we are, how we see ourselves and the world, engender new insights and encourage faith.

Will you please consider making a Christmas gift of $100, $200 or more if you can to help us meet these costs?

If you could manage a gift of $1,000 we would like to recognise your family as the sponsor of the painting by mounting a small plaque next to the painting.

Why not join others by supporting these special programs?

Thank you for your most generous support in the past and we hope you might help us in our exciting projects for 2016. To you and your family, may I also wish you a blessed Christmas holiday from all at ACC&C.

If you would like to support our Christmas Appeal, you can make a tax deductible donation via cheque or by providing your credit card details to the Centre.

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