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Research Projects

Islamic studies research at CISAC has three dimensions: classical Islamic disciplines, social sciences in relation to Muslims as part of modern society and the history of Muslims in Australia. Focusing on Muslims in the West and especially in Australia, CISAC research aspires to produce insightful and impactful studies in partnership with Australian universities and leading academic institutions from around the world.

Research at CISAC aims to foster resilient people by addressing Australian Muslims’ challenges (e.g. Islamophobia) and achievements (e.g. positive transformation stories of the Muslim youth) in modern history and society in Australia. Documenting the Australian Muslim community’s institutionalisation period and biographies of its forerunners, historical research at CISAC showcases how communities flourish through inspirational leaders.

CISAC prioritises Muslim youth and their Islamic educational experiences and formation of their identities within the multicultural Australian society. In doing so, classical Islamic studies research at CISAC combines traditional Islamic sciences with social realities of contemporary Muslims to be able to produce innovative and impactful knowledge that can chart the transformation of the Australian Muslims and their communities.

Research projects at CISAC strive to make the world worth living by meaningfully combining spiritual, social and historical aspects of human aspiration and addressing them with an Islamic framework.

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