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Omer Ergi

 Omer Ergi

M.Theol. PhD candidate for Doctor of Philosophy

Omer A. Ergi is an Islamic theologian and an author of six books.

Omer has been involved with Islamic sciences since 1990. He has been involved on the editorial board of various Islamic magazine publications. He has taught Islam in various study circles since 1995. Omer has delivered speeches at a number of conferences and panels at La Trobe University, Monash University, Victoria University and Melbourne University.

Omer also contributed to the activities of the Australian Intercultural Society as a board member and Executive Advisor from the 2002 to 2010 during which he also published a magazine titled Dialogue Asia-Pacific. In 2013 he completed his Masters in Islamic Studies at CSU and currently completing his PhD in Islamic Studies

Omer is a recipient of a number of awards for his contributions to dialogue and social harmony. Omer has published six books and edited sixteen. Currently he is the general manager of ISRA Melbourne and an Lecturer at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation.

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  • Ergi, O. A. (2012). Understanding the basic principles of Islam. New Jersey: Tughra Books.
  • Ergi, O. A. (2013). Can a bridge build itself: Essays on belief and moral values. S.l.: Ipg-Academic
  • Ergi, O. A. (2004). My Universe. Istanbul: Kelebek Matbacilik.
  • Ergi, O. A. (2009). Sahabe, Stars of the Prophet. Istanbul: Bakanlar Medya.
  • Ergi, O. A. (2009). People of the Light. Istanbul: Bakanlar Medya.
  • Ergi, O. A. (2010). Natural Selection – Fact or Fiction. Melbourne: Lotus Publishing.


Omer has a number of articles published in the Sizinti magazine, Yeni Umit Magazine, Fountain Magazine, Dialogue Asia-Pacific Magazine and Selimiye Bulletin.

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