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Past Projects

The ETC2 Research Team have completed a number of projects.

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Previous funding

External Funding

  • 2014: S. Dockett & B. Perry. Development of documentation to support effective practice in the transition to school: Continuity of learning through effective transition to school.
  • 2010: S. Dockett, B. Perry, & E Kearney. Issues paper on readiness for school for Indigenous children. Closing the Gap Clearinghouse, $12,000.
  • 2010: S. Dockett & B. Perry. Effective family engagement. Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, $12,000.
  • 2009-2012: M. Vickers, K. Barker, B. Perry, S. Dockett, & M. Hyam. Staying on at school. ARC Linkage with NSW DET. $630,000.
  • 2008: B. Perry & Dockett, S. Reconceptualising pedagogy in the first years of school. South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services, $10,000.

Internal Funding

  • 2012: S. Dockett, B. Perry, K. Hopps. Pedagogies of Educational Transitions. $21000. CSU Research Infrastructure Block Grant
  • 2012: B. Perry & S. Dockett. Pedagogies of Educational Transitions. $5000. RIPPLE Global Alliance
  • 2012: S. Dockett, A. MacDonald, N. Mackenzie, & B. Perry. Pedagogies of Educational Transitions. $10000. CSU Global Alliance
  • 2011: B. Perry, S. Dockett & T. Turunen. Creating respectful places for research with Aboriginal people in Albury-Wodonga. Faculty of Education RDF grant. $12,421.
  • 2009: S. Dockett & B. Perry. Building a child friendly city. CSU Competitive Grant, $14,941.
  • 2008-9: B. Perry & S. Dockett. How do assessment practices within the Faculty of Education support and enhance student learning? Faculty of Education Innovation in Learning and Teaching fund, $26,362.