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For Current Candidates

Current Candidate Information

Much of the information you need throughout your candidature, can be found on the Research Office Hub and you are encouraged to visit that site often to keep up to date.

The rest of the information on this page relates to Faculty of Arts and Education specific processes.

Confirmation of Candidature

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates are provisionally enrolled and will have their candidature confirmed at the successful completion of their probation requirements. A major part of these requirements is the confirmation seminar and submission of a written research proposal. This usually occurs:

  • for full-time PhD candidates, within 12 months of enrolment;
  • for part-time PhD candidates, within 2 years of enrolment;
  • for Professional Doctoral candidates as part of the research proposal subject;
  • for full-time Masters candidates, within 6 - 9 months of enrolment; and
  • for part-time Masters candidates, within 12 - 18 months of enrolment.

For information about this process please read through the Faculty of Arts and Education Confirmation of Candidature Procedure document

Research Operating Funds

Information on resource operating funds (also called resource allowance) for Commonwealth supported candidates or candidates on a University/Faculty full-time scholarship can be found on the Operating Funds – Guidelines page 

Candidates on a University supported 'fee-waiver' scholarship receive an amount per year paid to an account held in their school.

The process for accessing the funding can be found on the Operating Funds – Guidelines page. Please note the different process for accessing funding for travel-related expenses. It is critical that a Charles Sturt University travel plan is approved prior to your travel.

Other candidates, including staff undertaking higher degree by research study or fee-paying candidates, may apply for Faculty of Arts and Education Resource Funding. This funding provides these candidates with resource funds to contribute to the costs involved in undertaking their research project. Candidates may apply for up to a maximum of $1250 per year. Applications can be made at any time and will be assessed on a competitive basis. Funds must be used within twelve months of receipt and be spent on costs directly associated with the doctoral research project. Unspent funds are returned to the Faculty.


To be eligible to apply for funding, applicants must:

  • be enrolled in the research component of a higher degree by research program in the Faculty of Arts and Education (resource funding cannot be claimed once you have been approved for graduation);
  • not be in receipt of resource funding or support from the University (unit, division, school or faculty) or other source;
  • be making satisfactory progress with their doctorate; and
  • staff undertaking their higher degree by research study and claiming funding must be employed by the University on either a continuing basis or at least be appointed with a one-year contract.

Note: Importantly, candidates must demonstrate how these funds will accelerate progress and may be asked to provide a brief report on their use.

Charles Sturt University staff enrolled in a higher degree by research program through the Faculty of Arts and Education but employed in another Faculty or Division should approach their employing Faculty/Division for information on the availability of resource support. If no other support is available, applications can be made to the Faculty of Arts and Education resource fund.

Without being exhaustive, such costs might include the following:

  • Conference Registration
  • Chemicals and specific laboratory equipment
  • Costs associated with analytic tests (e.g. like those conducted by the Environmental Analytical Laboratory)
  • Costs associated with conducting experiments (e.g. Glasshouse costs)
  • Travel costs, such as hiring a University car or reimbursement of private car expenses when on fieldwork or interviewing subjects/participants, or travelling to present at a conference
  • A maximum of $250pa towards additional Personal Insurance. In the first instance it is recommended that the Charles Sturt University Student Personal Accident insurance policy be reviewed. Professional advice should then be sought if required.
  • Employing staff to enter survey/interview/quantitative data
  • An upgrade of computer software required for the project
  • Special photographs
  • Creative works equipment
  • Printing survey forms/questionnaires and postage costs
  • Interlibrary loan expenses
  • Photocopying and stationery
  • Modems to enable computer access to the University
  • Telephone calls and fax costs
  • Printing and binding of theses
  • Laptop Computers (on-campus students only) where it is essential to the research

Application for Faculty of Arts and Education Resource Funding