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Caroline Love

Proposed title

Making Decisions on Water Trading: What are Irrigators' Views?


The goal of this study is to investigate how irrigators are engaging with water trade in Australia, and to elicit their information needs in this trading process.  Irrigators have had the option to trade their water allocations for over 20 years.  What is the irrigators' experience and perspective and why do they, or don't they, trade?  What information sources do they use to support these trading decisions?

My research is using a qualitative methodology with a Grounded theory design involving a total of approximately 20 interviews of irrigators (trading and non-trading) from the Riverina including the Murray and Murrumbidgee valleys; and five to eight stakeholders.  The stakeholders including representatives from the Murray Darling Basin Authority, Industry groups,  Irrigation companies and a water trader.

All my data collection is completed and now the analysis begins.

Why I chose CSU

I commenced employment at CSU in 2010 and am undertaking a part time PhD as part of my research load.


Higgins, V, Love, CA, Dunn, A & Lemerle, D (2015) 'Why do farmers partially adopt conservation farming practices? A sociological study of stubble retention in NSW and Victoria' Building Productive, Diverse and Sustainable Landscapes. Proceedings of the 17th ASA Conference, 20 – 24 September 2015, Hobart, Australia.