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Jebunnesa Jeba

Proposed Title

Digital transition of English academic writing: A multimodal investigation     


With the encroachment of digital technologies and devices, writing has evolved dramatically and replaced into a rich, multimodal enterprise accommodating not only diverse modes, materials, and spaces but also diverse authorships, readerships, and processes but there is a lack of new theoretical support and methodological innovations to investigate this new form of writing. Thus, this area needs to be investigated through various theoretical perspective. I have developed a new analytic framework drawing from genre analysis, social semiotics, multimodality, and virtual ethnography which will explore both the macro and micro aspects of this new genre dynamics, qualitatively and quantitatively.  By focusing my attention on academic English writing thorough examining research journal articles, my study will attempt to answer the following questions: how has academic English writing for research publishing changed in relation to form, structure, function, and relationship and what have contributed to the changes? My study will be an ethnographic case study where the cases will be a number of online academic journals. The data for this study comprises three types. The first type of data is contextual data about the selected journals.  The second type of data is user's feedback. The third type of data is research articles, which will be focally examined against the analytic framework developed.  As a frontier exploration, my study will lead to a critical understanding of the new landscape of academic writing in English.  It will inform non-native speakers and academics of diverse background about the emerging practice of writing and inspire them to be active participant or contributor to the area. It also can contribute to an alternative assessment type where visuals, speaking, creative skills will be valued.    

Why I chose CSU 

From my masters, I planned to do my PhD in Australia as Australia is a leading global education provider. Employers and universities all over the world recognize Australian degree. I choose CSU as CSU is very student friendly. It offers attractive scholarships to international students. Besides, some of my friends, who are also studying at CSU, inspires me to apply for a PhD at CSU. 


27.10.2015 – Present, Editorial Board Member, Communication and Linguistic Studies, Science Publishing Group, 548 Fashion Avenue, New York, NY 10018, U.S.A.

04.10.2015 – Present, Reviewer, International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Translation, Science Publishing Group, New York, 10018, USA.


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