Arif Khan

Proposed Title

An investigation of practicum supervision in library and information science


Learning through practice has its own standing in education system and practicum allows an opportunity for students to put into practice what they have learnt in their classrooms. The importance of gaining practical experience through experiential learning programmes such as practicum and internship has long been recognized in Library and Information Science (LIS) education. The student earns a grade and the library school oversees administration of the practicum, but it is the practicum supervisor who guides the student through the experience at the workplace.

The purpose of my study is to explore the experiences and understanding of practicum supervisors and students about practicum supervision in the field of Library and Information Science. Besides examining the dynamics of practicum supervision, the focus of my study is mainly on symbiosis of schools and practitioners in terms of experiential learning, research, collaboration, and development in library and information science education. I am using qualitative approach and aiming to develop a conceptual model of LIS practicum supervision. Results of my study would provide theoretical knowledge for practicum supervisors to guide their roles, styles, and competencies.

Why I Chose Charles Sturt

I have been working as librarian, professional trainer, project director, and researcher since 2002 after my graduation in Library & Information Science from Pakistan. Being a library trainer, I have started investigating new ways and themes to design advanced level courses for librarians in Pakistan. With that in mind, I became instrumental to further my studies and completed M.Phil where I have published and presented my research projects at national and international forums. The support and encouragement that I receive for completion of research projects, I made a choice to enrol for doctorate study in one of the good universities. While discussing my research intent with experts around the globe, finally I found Charles Sturt a vanguard to foster with.


  • American Library Association
  • Executive Member, Pakistan Library Association
  • Editor, Pakistan Library Association Journal (PLAJ) and Journal of Rural Development and Administration (JORDA)
  • Associate Member, Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)


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