Balvinder Mahinder Singh

Proposed title

Whose culture, whose capital? An Investigation of the provision of education to humanitarian entrants in rural Australia


With the increased settlement of humanitarian entrants in Shepparton there have been concerns raised by service providers and the local community about the service provision for humanitarian entrants particularly for the women. This research focuses on humanitarian entrant women in rural Australia. Through my experiences as an educator and manger that has delivered settlement and education services some of these concerns need to be further uncovered and addressed.

As an educator, I would like to investigate whether the educational needs are being met and additionally if the complexities experienced by humanitarian entrant women are taken into consideration in the design of the curriculum.

Secondly, as humanitarian entrant women come from different countries they bring along a myriad of culture and practices which may be different from the local culture. The differences in practices may not 'fit in' with the local culture. This creates confusion and tensions between the local community and the women. I would like to discover the factors that help shape the social class of humanitarian entrant women. I would also like to research the role of gender and how it affects the lives of these women.

Why I chose CSU

I found the staff at CSU very helpful when I first contacted them for information. Lisa McLean always responded to my queries promptly and Ninetta Santoro (my supervisor) was encouraging and provided support. This led me to enrol at CSU.

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