Bec Humphries

Proposed Title

Rudolf Steiner’s impact on contemporary Australian art


"The aim of the study is to identify Rudolf Steiner’s impact on visual arts in Australia with an emphasis on Australian contemporary artists. In my exploration of Modernist art and of the influence of 19th century spiritualism on Modernist artists both overseas and in Australia, I have discovered a gap in the literature with respect to Rudolf Steiner. An important figure in the history of education, Steiner also had a substantial influence on artists. My investigations revealed that several Australian contemporary artists seem to have a connection to Rudolf Steiner’s ideas in their art practice however this has not yet been examined. I propose to address this gap and engage in qualitative case study research, while also using historical and biographical methodology. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted online with Australian contemporary artists to discover any potential impact Steiner may have on their art practice."

Why do I chose CSU

I have a passion for art history and I delight in art history research. The art history lecturers at Charles Sturt University are passionate about their field. This is contagious and their attention and encouragement, throughout my Bachelor degree and Honours studies, have helped me to develop my skills in writing and research. To continue to cultivate my skills with such a supportive team was an easy decision.

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