Daren Pope

Proposed Title

The 19th century Romantic landscape, mid-twentieth century mythologizing and current regional arts practice.


What is the influence and impact of the Romantic landscape and mid-twentieth century folklore mythology on the current regional arts practice in the North East of Victoria?


This thesis calls for research into the continuing impact of the Romantic landscape and mid twentieth century Modernist painting styles on current regional arts practice in the North East of Victoria. The methodology will include the close analysis of prominent paintings by Nicholas Chevalier, Eugene von Guerard and Sidney Nolan alongside a range of works by contemporary landscape and figurative painters currently living and practicing in the region. The topic identifies issues around regionalism and the influence and integration of place making on current arts practice, the impact of folklore, mythologizing and the indigenous landscape and the power of interpersonal and interconnected community group dynamic in regional arts practice. Outcomes and analysis should further be considered in the context of globalized networks and the digital economy as a hindrance or facilitator on current art making. As published material from regional artists is rare, this thesis will be built on information garnered from direct interviews with selected artists across the North East region of Victoria. Interviews with policy makers, arts workers and administrators will form the second pillar of research with all findings measured against historical records of art making across Australia and in comparable art scenes abroad.

Why I chose CSU

I am a mature age student based in country Victoria. Key to my study aspirations has been a University with a broad base of Art History subjects available for study via distance learning. Through the course of my Bachelor degree and subsequent Honours year, Charles Sturt University (CSU) has proven accessible and academically outstanding in equal measure. My decision to pursue PhD studies has been largely based on the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of CSU tutors and staff.


Vice President Beechworth Arts Council
Member Goulburn and North East Arts Alliance
Nominated Committee member of Murray Arts
Life time member Midsummer Festival, Melbourne


Bnews Media, Melbourne – Arts and Entertainment editor 2001 – 2008
Evolution Publishing, Melbourne – Freelance Arts journalist 2008 – 2011

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