David Simpson

Proposed title

The gifted child's transition to Primary school


The start of primary schooling is one of the most important transitions in a child's life and a major challenge of early childhood (Fabian & Dunlop, 2007). Children's transition and initial adjustment to primary school are crucial for their development, wellbeing and progress (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2006). A positive start to school, including initial success across social and academic areas is a key factor in setting up cycles of achievement (Burrell & Bubb, 2000). While the educational needs of all children must be considered, the intellectual, social and emotional needs of gifted children necessitate further consideration in their schooling (Chamberlin, Buchanan, & Vercimak, 2007; Cooper, 2009; Davis, Rimm, & Siegle, 2011; Fonseca, 2010; Morgan, 2007) . Consequently the transition process should address the concerns of the gifted child and their parents, which are "somewhat different from those of more general groups who are starting school" (Whitton, 2005, p. 30).

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