George Scorgie

Proposed title

The Changing Space of International Education: Investigating a Chinese-International School in Mainland China


My research project is investigating how students, teachers, parents and school leaders experience a hybrid, Chinese/international school in Beijing, China. Specifically, my project is investigating how leadership practice, language use, school policy and school culture are developed and practiced in a fully bilingual environment with parallel curricula delivered in Chinese and English, by local and international teachers and school leaders.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

I completed my MEd at Charles Sturt in 2011, whilst I was working at Tashkent International School in Uzbekistan and was motivated to investigate the nature of international education more deeply. I moved to China (Beijing) from Tashkent in 2014 and took a year off work (2014-15 school year) to start my PhD. With another 2 years left in Beijing I'm combining work and my research project.

Current candidate profiles