Graham Lupp

Proposed Title

‘Building Bathurst - The story of those who built Bathurst and Central NSW 1815-1915’


As part of the PhD by Prior Publication I am required to present a synopsis of approximately 20,000 words outlining my research methodology and overall aims in the writing of my book ‘Building Bathurst’, a history of architecture of the 19C architects who built the city of Bathurst and much of Central NSW. This work, published in 2018 was written from Jan. 2013 to Nov. 2017. It is in two volumes, totalling 460,000 words over 844 pages.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

Charles Sturt was one of the Principal Sponsors of the above book. In June 2014 I was invited by Mr Col Sharp, then Head of Campus, Bathurst, to discuss with Prof Tara Brabazon, then Head of Teacher Education, Bathurst, the possibility of submitting the book, when finished, into a PhD by Prior Education programme. After the book was published Dr Will Letts later kindly offered to act as my contact at Charles Sturt.


Tenured lecturer in School of Creative Arts (later absorbed by School of Communications) at Mitchell College of Advanced Education, 1979—1984. Resigned to pursue my own art work full time. Occasional casual work with heritage architects.


As a professional visual artist, my main academic activity has been in exhibiting my artwork. Since 1975 this has led to over 50 solo and 30 group exhibitions. The only publication relevant to my book was the modest catalogue for an exhibition in 2006, ‘Edward Gell, A Country Architect’ held in Bathurst (please see my c.v. submitted to Dr Letts) which I was joint curator. Gell was the subject of my undergraduate thesis at UNSW in 1969.

Current candidate profiles