Isileli Jason Kioa

Proposed Title

The Role of the Tongan National Conference in the Uniting Church in Australia


The Research is exploring the role of the largest national conference of CALD communities in the Uniting Church. This Conference is not in the defined structure of the Uniting Church but it is a gathering that serves the diverse needs of migrant communities in the Church. Those who struggle with the English language are able to meet and discuss issues in their own language and also contribute to the life of the Uniting Church. The Uniting Church declared itself a Multicultural Church in 1985 but is still coming to grip with what the implications of that declaration means.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

I came to do this because I am a Tongan-born Minister of the Uniting Church since 1990 and have appreciated the struggles of migrant communities who are members of the Uniting Church. The struggles with the English language dominantly used in worship and meetings as well as publications.

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