Kathryn Hendy-Ekers

Thesis title

How Teachers use Art Museums to Enact Curriculum


My research addresses how secondary visual arts teachers use programs and resources provided by art museums to connect with curriculum concepts. The research will address how teachers approach art museums as sites of formal learning and how the experiences in the art museum 'enact' the curriculum to provide real learning experiences. Teacher practice is a focus of the research. Three art museum sites, their resources and programs will be the focus of the research. Art museum educators and teachers will be interviewed and observed to understand how curriculum concepts are carried out in exhibition spaces.

Why I chose CSU

I completed my Masters of Education over 20 years ago. I carried out a small research project based on the way a range of viewers learnt about Contemporary Art through their experiences at a Museum of Contemporary Art. Throughout my teaching practice, I have always built experiences in Museums into my teaching program. In my full time position as a curriculum writer I work very closely with art museums as providers of educational experiences. I wanted to research further the connections between art museums as learning environments and the pedagogies demonstrated by museum educators and schoolteachers in these spaces. I chose CSU because of the expertise of my two supervisors in art museum education and curriculum theory.

Engagement and memberships

  • Member of Art Education Australia and Art Education Victoria.
  • Lead curriculum writer for Visual Arts in Victoria as I work for the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority. I am responsible for implementing the Australian Curriculum: The Arts in Victoria.
  • Chief Assessor and Examination Setting Panel Art Examination Victoria


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VCE Art and Studio Arts at the National Gallery of Victoria, Bendigo Art Gallery and Gippsland Art Gallery.

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