Letitia Galloway

Proposed title

How does the Australian Curriculum:History Enable or Constrain Rural Primary Teachers' Professional Practice?


This study will specifically focus on the implementation of the Australian History curriculum in primary schools; History being one of the first four curriculum areas to be developed (alongside English, Mathematics and Science). In New South Wales, the curriculum has been embedded in new syllabus documents recently released (October 2012). In particular the research will focus on the professional practice of primary teachers and how the Australian History curriculum enables and constrains their practice.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

In 2008 I was appointed as an academic at Charles Sturt University in the Bachelor of Education (Primary) program. My work initially focused on the professional experience of pre-service teachers, but more recently has involved lecturing in Australian History. The combination of these two interest areas lead me to enrol in the Doctoral Studies focusing on the implementation of the new Australian History curriculum and the enactment of that curriculum in practice.

Engagement and memberships

  • Pedagogy, Education and Praxis (PEP) international research group (doctoral student).
  • Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ASCA).
  • Workplace Learning Network, Charles Sturt University
  • Professional Experience and Partnerships Group (PEPG): A sub-committee of Teacher Education Leadership Team (TELT), Charles Sturt University.
  • School of Education School Board, Charles Sturt University 2013.


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