Lincoln Gill

Proposed title

Pre-service teacher use and non-use of ICTs for learning and teaching on professional placement: Investigating pedagogical decisions and defining practice


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the use and non-use of ICTs for learning and teaching by pre-service teachers while on professional placement, and to better understand this by investigating collectively factors identified in relation to preparation and readiness to use ICTs for learning and teaching. The rationale for this approach is to gain a holistic perspective of the cases studied, and to progress beyond predictions of use, self-reported confidence to use, and perceived deficiencies in preparation, to establishing what pre-service teachers can and are using ICTs for in classrooms, and the reasons for their choices.

This study aims to achieve its stated purpose by identifying and defining pre-service teacher use of ICTs for teaching, and by investigating the reasons behind their choices about when and why they use them. To gain a more holistic understanding of the situation, three known areas of influence on pre-service teacher decisions will also be examined: teacher preparation program design and practice, in-service teacher practice, support, advice, and beliefs, and pre-service teacher beliefs.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

I was drawn by the brilliant supervisors.

Engagement and memberships

  • Member TTRPG - Technology and Teaching Practice Research Group (Faculty of Arts and Education research priority area group)
  • Member Faculty of Arts and Education L&T Committee
  • Chair, School of Education Learning and Teaching Committee


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