Mark Brown

Proposed title

Real-Time Compositional Tools for the Dance Classroom


My research focus will be the production of creative works in the form of interactive performance environments that incorporate Music Technology design and composition. These will be applicable to Performance based subjects with a particular focus on Dance and Music and the relationship between the performer, ensemble and real-time improvisational composition. This will be applicable to school age children K-12 with a focus on design systems that can be easily incorporated into the classroom environment - leveraging commonly accessible technologies. The research will examine my own creative practice as it relates to composition. My methodology will be a creative-led with thesis being a combination of artefact and exegesis.  My contribution to knowledge will be the design, development and creation of these resources to support Dance education with a specific focus on the integration of readily available technologies into the creative output of both teacher and student.

Why I chose CSU

What inspired me to do my PhD at CSU was a chance meeting that I had with the Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Heather Cavanagh in  HANDA, Japan. During this meeting I was discussing with Heather the options of doing a professional doctorate at CSU, as a new campus was being built in Port Macquarie. In fact, the new campus is being built next door to where I currently work at St Columba Anglican School. The Pro Vice Chancellor was extremely helpful and encouraged me to seek out the possibilities at CSU. After a series of emails and meetings firstly with Professor Tracy Green and then subsequently with Prof Tara Brabazon and Professor Steve Redhead  I decided to commence study at CSU. I'm very excited about the possibilities of studying in Port Macquarie and also the opportunities that the University will bring to Port Macquarie as a regional centre.

Engagement and memberships

Member of the Australian College Of Educators (MACE)

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