Monica Short

Proposed Title

The Anglican Church of Australia engaging with people in rural, regional and remote Australia


Introducing the research

This PhD by portfolio is a qualitative research project considering how the rural Anglican Church of Australia engages with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people living with disabilities and Indigenous people groups. An integrated lens with an epistemological base in theology, social work and sociology informs the discussion about engagement. Two social integration concepts, social inclusion and social capital, are also being considered. Pieces of the portfolio, that is journal articles and books, are being undertaken in partnership with individuals from the field/industry, Charles Sturt, Bush Church Aid, The Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, the Diocese of Bendigo and CBM Australia – Luke 14 Program.

Introducing the methodology

This research is participatory and is providing a platform where people (participants) can voice their lived experience about their engagements with their rural, regional and remote based churches. A mixed method approach facilitates this. Three co-operative inquiries are being conducted and these are then informing three case studies. The collected data is interrogated via NVIVO and checked manually. Currently two papers, one book chapter and a book have been published. I am currently working on another article and book. When all the three case studies are completed, the exegesis will be written and this will include collating the findings and recommendations.

I am very happy to share the emerging themes and can be contacted about the research at

Why I chose Charles Sturt

I completed my Masters at Charles Sturt and found it a very positive experience. I am very excited about this opportunity to study a PhD.


  • Member of the Anglican church.
  • Lecturer in Social Work at Charles Sturt.
  • Co-chair of the ACT-NSW Combined University Field Education Group
  • Member of Believing in People Living With Disabilities Research Community


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I have other publications not related to the PhD, which can be viewed at:

Conference Presentations

2016 Presented at Social Work in Disabilities conference – Belonging: Social work, sociological and theological insights into engagements with people living with disabilities.

2016 Co-Presented at ANZSWWER conference - Matters of faith: Diversity, inclusion and consumer rights by Nicole Tillotson and Monica Short

2015 Co-presented at AASW Conference on behalf of the Believing in People Living With Disabilities Research Community - Co-operative Inquiry: Accessible research for leaders and change agents.

2015 Presented at ANZSWWER conference - A collaborative research project inquiring into rural Anglican Church engagements with people living with disabilities

2014 Presented at ANZSWWER conference - An integrated approach: transforming conversations about social inclusion and exclusion

2014 Presented at the Joint World Conference Social Work, Education and Social Development - Beginning a journey: An exploration into how Australian Anglican churches engage with their local rural communities (translated into French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Braille)

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