Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan

Proposed Title

An examination of the relationship between philosophy, pedagogy and practice in UK Education: focusing on specific epochs in physical education.


My research comprises a Foucauldian genealogical approach in which I am looking across a 120 year timeline in physical education pedagogy and practice to find continuities and discontinuities therein. In ascertaining these 'gaps', transformations, shifts and ruptures, I will be exposing new 'truths' about contemporary physical education which will inform it on the level of class and gender constructions of the body. Accordingly, I will be able to problematise contemporary physical education and suggest ways forward to enhance and enrich the delivery and content of this school subject for all students.

Why I chose CSU

I was enrolled at the University of Birmingham in the UK and had completed my transfer from MPhil to PhD with them when I secured employment as a full-time lecturer at CSU in 2013. Completing my PhD at CSU is an essential part of my teaching-research role here.


  • Member of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Committee in the School of Education.
  • Member of the committee to develop a new Curriculum & Pedagogy specialisation for the MEd.
  • Editorial Board member for Teaching, Research, and Media in Kinesiology (online international peer-reviewed journal) (since 2012).
  • Member of the NSW NESA [formerly BOSTES] register of curriculum writers and reviewers for Dance and PDHPE K-12 (since 2016).
  • Peer reviewer for European Physical Education Review (EPER) (since 2016).
  • Peer reviewer for Routledge book proposals (since 2016).


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