Rafael de Lima

Proposed Title

Who plays the player? The nodal process for collaborative translations in immersive media


The adoption of immersive media technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and virtual production, in creative practice has allowed for a reimagining of the collaborative processes in the creation of films, visual effects and multimedia works. Making use of new media technology in this practice-led research, I would like to explore a performative, collective and more inclusive approach to collaborations in filmmaking production – which here I call the nodal process. This research's goal is to propose a level-playing ground between those who own current technological means and expertise in visual production/reproduction and subjects who also have ownership over the cultural artefacts and stories being translated into films and immersive experiences. In other words, how can we achieve a balance between those who have cultural ownership over the narratives and those who own the technological means of visual production/reproduction? More specifically, I will be looking at these issues from a cinematographer point-of-view, a position that I argue is that of a key visual translator in a production, one who embodies the creator-technician, and whose praxis is a crucial node in establishing a link between different practitioners, their subjects and, ultimately, the audiences.

Why I chose CSU

I did my Bachelor of Arts at CSU and I found that it has possibly best facilities and equipment available for students in Australia. I have kept in touch with professors from my undergraduate degree and knew we would be able to work well together in my post-graduate research.

Engagement and memberships

Australian Cinematographers’ Society


  • XRC Extended Reality Centre Seminar: XR Research Projects at CSU. Paper presented at eXtended Reality Centre (XRC) Charles Sturt University. XRC Project Team: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart (Project Lead); Andrew Hagan; Dr Sarah Redshaw, Dr Elizabeth Wulff.
  • Evoking memories: Displacing the fear of technology. Gates-Stuart, E., Bramble, M., de Lima, R., Higgins, B., McKenzie, C., Dowdeswell, S., Lewis, R. & Redshaw, S., 24 Dec 2019, In: Fusion Journal. 16, p. 21-33 12 p.
  • Privatised Deprivation. De Lima, R. (2014), In: Fusion Journal. 4, p. 1-23, 23 p.
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