Sarah Kinstead

Proposed Title



I am researching the impact of Pastoral/Professional Supervision on clergy and clergy spouses across Protestant denominations within the Australian context. Post the Royal Commission into child sex abuse (2013-2017) recommendations for pastoral leaders to engage in Pastoral and Professional Supervision were taken seriously and taken up across religious organisations. It is of interest to see five years on whether there are ripple effects beyond the everyday ministry practice of clergymen and women. I will be exploring how the clergy spouse feels both directly and/or indirectly affected by his/her spouse’s engagement in regular reflective supervision of this nature.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

I was studying an MA in Chaplaincy and Advanced Supervisory Practice and kept getting high grades.  I had several questions connecting to my profession in Pastoral Supervision which I wanted to look at a deeper level so I applied to the D.Min course because it has the vocational and applied outcome that I was looking for in my research. It was fitting that studying as part of the school of theology also had Supervisors who are qualified and educate in this niche field of Pastoral / Professional Supervision.

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