Tracie Edmondson

Proposed Title

Mediatisation in the digital age: Transforming communication roles in professional sport in Australia


This proposed study aims to improve understanding of how mediatisation in the digital age is changing the nature of media-sport interactions in professional sport in Australia. The qualitative study will apply a phenomenological approach, drawing on my own lived experiences in the field and the experiences and beliefs of other sports media professionals and Chief Executive Officers, with a minimum of 10 years' experience in the sports industry, from seven of the major professional sports codes in Australia. Based on semi-structured in-depth interviews, this exploratory study will use a field theory approach to the concept of mediatisation, which is defined as a "more long-lasting process, whereby social and cultural institutions and modes of interaction are changed as a consequence of the growth of the media's influence" (Hjarvard, 2008, p. 114).  The framework for this study and the research questions that will guide it are based on an adaptation of Frandsen's (2015) empirical study of national sports federations in Demark, which explores mediatisation through Donges' "three central dimensions: perception, structure and behavior" to understand how organisations have responded to "media-induced change" (Brandii, Donges and Jentges, 2011, p. 7). The study aims to make recommendations for best practices for sports media professionals.

Why I chose CSU

CSU offered the best course in my field and the supervisors I have been working with are incredibly supportive.


Board of Directors – Sport NSW

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