Wendy De Luca

Proposed title

Preparing the Ethical Soldier: Ethics training for beginning professionals within the Australian Army


This qualitative study is about the practice of military ethics education in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). It will specifically examine the teaching and learning practices and issues related to ethics training for Australian soldiers. To achieve this, a constructivist grounded theory approach will be used, with a particular focus on how military ethics education impacts on initial soldier training.

Why I chose Charles Sturt

As an academic lecturing at Charles Sturt in Adult and Vocational Education, Charles Sturt was my first choice for my PhD. This qualification will build on my extensive professional and industry experience with an educational leadership focus. My project aligns with the Education and Professional Practice component of the Charles Sturt Research Narrative in that it examines curriculum and pedagogical practice of formal vocational education within an institution that represents one of the sector’s largest vocational training providers.

Engagement and memberships

I have strong links to the Australian Defence Force and serve as an Army Reservist with the Defence Reserve Support Council (DRSC). In addition to this involvement, I am a member of AVETRA, ACDEVEG, the RAAEC Association, and the European Chapter of the International Society of Military Ethics (EuroISME).


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