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Associate Professor Christine Edwards-Groves

Associate Professor Christine Edwards-Groves

PhD, MPhil, Grad Cert Educational Studies (Literacy), Dip. T

Co-Leader Research Strand "Speech, Language and Literacies" Research Institute for Professional Practice Learning and Education (RIPPLE)

Christine's academic work specialises in literacy, dialogic pedagogies and practice theory. Previously, she has worked as a primary teacher and consultant.

Her research and publication involves two interconnected fields: i) the nature and role of interaction for excellence in pedagogy in contemporary literacy classrooms and professional development; and ii) examining exemplary educational leadership, professional development practices and classroom pedagogy and their effects on students' academic and social practices. Christine's involvement in empirical ethnographic research in these fields has led to ongoing professional activity and research at an international, national and state level. She is currently a leading national literacy scholar in the specialised field of dialogic pedagogies, explicit literacy teaching. She contributes regularly at a number of international, national and state literacy and educational research conferences.

Christine is a key researcher and co-leader of CSU's Research Institute for Professional Practice Learning and Education (RIPPLE) "Speech, Language and Literacies" research strand. She is co-leader of the international Pedagogy, Education and Praxis (PEP) Research Network involving researchers from Australia, Columbia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Caribbean, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. Christine is also the co-ordinator of the Australian PEP group of researchers involving members from NSW, QLD and Victoria. PEP researchers investigate the nature, traditions and conditions of pedagogy, education and praxis and how they are understood, developed and sustained in different national contexts and various educational settings. In particular Christine's involvement includes researching and writing about classroom interaction and dialogue, literacy pedagogy, and professional development (especially the long-term effects of major professional development programs).

Christine's contribution to teaching was recognized in 2012 when she received a CSU Faculty of Education teaching award for outstanding contribution to student learning. Specifically this innovation project was designed to support the explicit development of teaching pedagogies among pre-service teachers. This acknowledgement was followed in 2013 with an Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Citation for contributions to student learning for 'program innovation demonstrating commitment to developing quality teaching practices among Bachelor of Education students through learning about and practising dialogic pedagogies in school settings'. In 2008, she received the School of Education Faculty Paper of the Year award for "Enabling Voice: The perspectives of schooling from Aboriginal youth at risk of entering the juvenile justice system" published in The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education. The article reports a study centred on the classroom interaction experiences of young Aboriginal students. In the past her publication "MY READ: connecting to students through explicit teaching" received national recognition by winning the prestigious National Excellence in Educational Publishing Award (2003).

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Christine's recent research draws on practice theory, critical participatory action research and conversation analysis to investigate the nature and dynamics of educational practices. As Chief Investigator on Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery project "Leading and Learning: Developing Ecologies of Educational Practices" (DP1096275; 2010-2012), she has substantially contributed to the development of the theory of practice architectures and theory of ecologies of practices with Emeritus Professor Stephen Kemmis and colleagues. Significantly, these are new and distinctive developments in practice theory that she applies to literacy practice, pedagogy and site based education development. This work is published in two co-authored texts "Changing practices, changing education" (Kemmis, Wilkinson, Edwards-Groves, Hardy, Grootenboer and Bristol, 2014) and "Classroom Talk: Understanding dialogue, pedagogy and practice" (Edwards-Groves, Anstey and Bull, 2014).

Christine's specific work with international collaborators applying practice theory has advanced knowledge about professional learning and action research in the development of two new concepts: "Generative Leadership" and "Middle Leading practices", both notable theoretical achievements. Both concepts are derived from new theorisations about the longer term influences of action research, not previously identified. The research is concerned with developing rich characterisations of the connectivities between professional development practices and leading through in-depth empirical descriptions of these practices within 'ecologies of practices'. These theoretical concepts are currently being developed further in an international study she is co-leading with Professor Karin Ronnerman (Gothenburg University, Sweden) and Associate Professor Peter Grootenboer (Griffith University, QLD); this research is investigating the leading practices required for facilitating sustainable change in teaching.

In recent times a main research focus centers on investigating classroom interaction practices, in particular the enactment of dialogic pedagogies. This work seeks to understand, and so improve teaching practices, that utilise dialogic approaches for teaching and learning to improve oral language outcomes for students in classrooms.

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Christine designs courses related to literacy and language pedagogy and practices. She teaches in a number of programs including the Bachelor of Education Primary, Bachelor of Education (K-12), Bachelor of Education (EC/Primary) and Master of Education. She supervises Bachelor of Education (Honours) and Master of Education research students and HDR research students interested in practice theory, conversation analysis, literacy, pedagogy, rurality and inclusion.

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Christine is member of the NSW Minister's Advisory Group for Literacy and Numeracy (MAGLN). Christine is also an invited member of the International Advisory Committee for the World Congress for Action Research to be held in Columbia in 2017. She is an invited member of an international advisory group for a University of Wollongong project (2014-18), Transforming Literacy Outcomes, investigating language and literacy development at critical transition points across the years of school. Christine sits on the Telstra Youth Technology and Wellbeing Roundtable; and has recently been invited to be an advisory member of a youth reference group for the Australian Government Office of the e-Safety commissioner.

In 2012-2014 Christine participated in a three year international study investigating the development and practices of teacher educators in the discipline of literacy led by a team of researchers from Toronto University, Canada.

Christine is Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Language and Literacy and elected president of Riverina Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA). She is also on the Review Boards for the following international journals:

  • Educational Action Research Journal
  • English Teaching: Practice and Critique

She regularly reviews for the following journals:

  • Language and Education
  • Journal of Pedagogy, Culture and Society
  • Australian Journal of Language and Literacy
  • Australian Journal of Indigenous Studies
  • Pedagogies: An International Journal
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
  • Cambridge Journal of Education

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Online Video

  • Edwards-Groves, C. (2010). 'Explicit teaching as an 'enabling' literacy practice'. Invitational presentation for the National Literacy and Numeracy Week – Video Presentation, (June). Video and script available:

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