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Workplace Learning Education is a core element and a major part of the students development of a professional identity. It provides an opportunity for students to observe, question and model professional behaviour. Each Workplace Learning experience is integrated with a subject covering theory and practice.

  • Social Work - Field Education for Social Work/Social Welfare in Human Services

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Social Work


Social work students must complete 1,000 hours of field education during their degree in order to be eligible for membership of Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

At CSU this is divided between 2 subjects. Usually students will complete 500 hours in each subject. While there is flexibility as to how many hours are completed in each subject, the total hours completed across both subjects has to be 1,000 hours. The minimum time for one subject is 280 hours. The balance of time must be made up in the other subject.

Each placement has to be in a different field of practice and practice setting to meet AASW requirements.

One placement must have a primarily direct or interpersonal skills focus. The other placement has to have an indirect focus (some kinds of group work, community work, policy, research). Most field education subjects are year long, and students must enrol for both sessions, with students starting throughout the year depending on individual circumstances and placement availability.


You must enrol for both first and second session of the same subject as it is a year long subject. That is 201930 and 201960.

  • HCS303 – Social Work Field Education 1
  • HCS402 – Social Work Field Education 2
  • HCS505 – Social Work Field Education 1
  • HCS506 – Social Work Field Education 2
  • SWK424 Social Work Field Education 2A

Session 1 ONLY

Eligibility to complete SWK424 in place of HCS402 (BSW) or HCS506 (MSWPQ) needs to be approved by your Course Director.  You can do this by contacting  
SWK424 is a single session 16 point subject only available in Session 1 (72 days/500 hours). To be eligible for inclusion into the August graduation ceremonies students need to complete their course and placement requirements by the end of June.

Planning is subject to agency availability/placement opportunities
Placements outside the official session dates are subject to Head of School approval.

Required Documentation

All students are required to submit a current Resume and a current National Police Check (NOTE: Not more than 3 years old from date of issue).

Additional documents you need to be eligible for child related placements or health facilities are:

  • Working with Children Check or equivalent for your state. (to be eligible for child related placements)
  • NSW Health Compliance Package (to be eligible for health facilities) e.g. hospitals, community health or aged care) NOTE: start this early as it can take up to 6 months to finalise. Students in VIC, TAS, WA, QLD, and SA will also need to provide additional documents.

Professional Practice Assessment (PPA)

PPA is a strand of the first Social Work Field Education subject (HCS303 or HCS505). It can be completed in place of the Placement strand and replaces the original Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). In this strand students complete a series of assessments reflecting on their work experience, how they meet the AASW practice standards and are developing their professional identity as beginning social workers.

For further information

Further Information

Important resources to support you in your role as a Field Educator.


Field Education Supervision

A guide to Supervision in Social work field education



Incidents and Hazards

Office of the Children’s Guardian NSW

Charles Sturt University Values

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If you wish to speak to an Academic in your area about Field Education and placements please contact us and we will assist.

Workplace Learning

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Workplace learning (WPL) or placement, is an important part of a student’s education. It allows the integration of subject content with practice through a range of community and human service experiences. Students experience the frontline tasks of a community service worker and develop practical skills needed in the workplace.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Human Services are required to complete 400 hours of workplace learning.  Placements do not include any previous/current voluntary hours or observational work.

For all students in the Bachelor of Human Services placements:

  • are sought and approved by Charles Sturt University.
  • may be completed part-time or full-time, but must be completed as a continuous block.
  • at your regular place of employment may be possible, provided that the setting is educationally viable.
  • dates may extend beyond normal session periods.
  • may be in the area of your specialisation (subject to availability)


If you commenced your studies in 2019 then you will need to undertake:

  • HCS303 SW Field Education 1

If you are commencing your studies in 2020 then you will need to undertake:

  • WEL232 Work Place Learning for Human Services 1
  • WEL324 Work Place Learning for Human Services 2 

Think you might be eligible to be considered for a credit either due to previous placements or work experience? Then apply through this link;


All students are required to submit a current resume, a certified copy of a current National Police Check, and a Working with Children's Check. These are available from:


All information about your course and the subjects you require are available in the Charles Sturt University Handbook

For information about what is involved in work place learning refer to the - Bachelor of Human Services Workplace Learning Handbook

Frequently asked questions are available for students who commenced in 2019 are available on this link Frequently Asked Questions

For students who are commencing in 2020 then refer to this FAQ's

Or contact

Diversional Therapy

Diversional Therapy Australia Logo

Welcome to Leisure and Health (Diversional Therapy) Work Place Learning at Charles Sturt University. Work Place Learning (or Field Education or Placement) is a collaborative venture between the Human Services Field and Charles Sturt University - its staff and students. All three parties work collaboratively to create the optimum environment for your professional learning, and to assess your performance. Going out on placement is the part of their learning that students most remember. It is the place where your developing professional identity, skills and knowledge all come together. This is your opportunity to find out if Diversional Therapy is really the career for you. It is also the time to put theory and practice together in real life situations.

Important information to assist you to prepare for work place learning is located on this website. Once you enrol in the subject and register for placement further information will be provided. Please note that some activities such as securing your National Police Check or obtaining vaccinations may involve significant time frames e.g. A Hepatitis B vaccination is a six month process. Early preparation for these requirements can facilitate a smooth transition to the actual placement.

Required Documentation

All students are required to submit a current resume, a certified copy of a current National Police Check, and a Working with Children's Check. These are available from:

Students wishing to complete a placement in NSW Health must be verified as health compliant. This process may take up to 6 weeks or more, so please read the information and discuss the requirements with your doctor.

Health have developed some videos to help you understand the compliance process. View them at this link:

Students undertaking their placement with Health in other states are still required to undertake the above process. However the verification process does vary so please liaise with the WPL office around this.

Further information

LES210 Diversional Therapy and Leisure Practice (16)
Diversional and Recreation Therapy Australia  
Free Subject  - WPL: Theory and Practice (EEL513)
Free Subject - Supervising Social Work and Human Service Students (HCS514)

Student Resources

DT Workplace Experience Learning Contract 
Diversional Therapy (DRT) Field Education Handbook 2019

Supervisor Resources

DT Supervisor Evaluation Report LES210 - 2017