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Dr Donna Bridges

Dr Donna Bridges


Donna is a lecturer in sociology based on Bathurst campus.  She has experience teaching across a broad range of social science subjects. The majority of her teaching experience is in subjects that concern understanding society and human behaviour and in the improvement of human interaction interpersonally and with wider social environments. Significant areas of experience are in health sociology, social research methods, global studies and peace and conflict studies. Donna has a PhD in sociology, her research explored women's involvement in the Australian Defence Force, focusing on peacekeeping and combat roles. Her research interests span disciplines relating to gender and work; organisations; peace and conflict studies; hegemonic masculinities; feminisms; culture and society, the power of discrimination and exclusion, and social justice. She also has research interests in the areas of teaching and learning in higher education and professional development.

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Donna currently teaches:

  • Social Inequality (SOC102)
  • Social research (SOC205)
  • Social research methods (SRM500)

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  • Work, organisations and gender identity
  • Military and UN peacekeeping and gender integration
  • Military sociology
  • Professional identity and development in higher education

Current Research Projects

  • Dr Donna Bridges; Associate Professor Branka Krivokapic-skoko Larissa Bamberry (CSU) and Dr Stacey Jenkins (CSU). “Women in regional trades: understanding resilience”. Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences Compact Project Pilot Funding (15,000); Institute of Land, Society and Water (10,00); Facculty of Arts and Education (14,00).
  • Associate Professor Susan Mlcek (CSU); Dr John Healy and Dr Donna Bridges (CSU) “Gendered narratives in Social Work and Social Welfare practice and education contexts. Faculty of Arts and Education Research Income and Initiatives Funding (15,000)

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Edited books

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Wadham, B., Bridges, D., Mundkur, A. & Connor, J. (2016). War-Fighting and Left-Wing Feminist Agendas: Gender and Change in the Australian Defence Force. Critical Military Studies, Published online
  • Bridges, D. Drake, G., North, R., Houlbrook, M. & and Mears, J. (2015). The "write" conditions: How to overcome writing for publication barriers through academic development. Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education, 17(2), 23-38.
  • Lazarsfeld-Jensen, A., & Bridges, D. (2014). Gaining a new respect for the other guys: scripted scenarios for inter professional education in paediatric emergencies. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 11(2). Retrieved from
  • Lazarsfeld-Jensen, A., Bridges,D., & Carver, H. (2014). Graduates welcome on-road: A culture shift in ambulance preceptorship made clear through retrospective analysis. Focus on Health Professional Education, 16(1).
  • Trede, F., Bowles, W & Bridges, D. (2013). Developing intercultural competence and global citizenship through international experiences: Academics' perceptions. Journal of Intercultural Education, 24(5), 442-455.
  • Trede, F., Macklin, R & Bridges, D. (2012). Professional identity development: a review of the higher education literature. Studies in Higher Education, 37(3), 365-384.
  • Bridges, D & Horsfall, D. (2009). Increasing operational effectiveness in UN peacekeeping: towards a gender balanced force. Armed Forces and Society, 36,  120-130.
  • Horsfall, D., Bridges, D., Camden Pratt, C & Sammon, L. (2004). A performance of difference. Reflective Practice, 5(1), 109-127.

Book chapters

  • Bridges, D. (2014).  Grounded? Women pilots, gender identity and integration into the Australian Defence Force. In D, Bridges., A, Mills & J, Neal-Smith. (Eds,). Absent Aviators: Gender issues in aviation (pp. 147-164). London: Ashgate.
  • Bridges, D., & Horsfall, D. (2011). The Gendered Battlefield: Creating Feminist Spaces in Military Places. In J. Higgs, A. Titchen, D. Horsfall & D. Bridges (Eds.), Creative spaces for qualitative researching: Living research (pp. 135-144). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.
  • Bridges, D., & McGee, S. (2011). Collaborative Inquiry: Reciprocity and Authenticity. In J. Higgs, A. Titchen, D. Horsfall & D. Bridges (Eds.), Creative spaces for qualitative researching: Living research (pp. 213-222). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.
  • Tasker, D., McLeod-Boyle, A., & Bridges, D. (2011). From Practice to Research and Back Again: Living Transformations. In J. Higgs, A. Titchen, D. Horsfall & D. Bridges (Eds.), Creative spaces for qualitative researching: Living research (pp. 291-300). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.
  • Bridges, D., & McGee, S. (2010). Collaborative inquiry: Process, theory and ethics. In J. Higgs, N. Cherry, R. Macklin & R. Ajjawi (Eds.), Researching practice: A discourse on qualitative methodologies (pp. 257-268). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.
  • Bridges, D., & Higgs, J. (2010). Writing practices. In J. Higgs, D. Horsfall & S. Grace (Eds.), Writing qualitative research on practice (pp. 51-60). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

Conference Presentations

  • Bridges, D.,  Krivokapic-Skoko, B., Bamberry, L., Jenkins, S. (2018 June). Women in masculine jobs: understanding resilience and social and cultural capital. Paper presented at Gender, Work and Organisation 10th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference, 13-16 June, Macquarie University, Sydney.
  • Bridges, D., Mundkur, A. & Wadham, B. (2016 June-July).  The roles of women in UN peacekeeping: moving on from gendered norms to problematizing masculinity. Paper presented at Gender, Work and Organisation 9th Biennial International Interdisciplinary conference, 29th June-1st July, 2016. Keele University, UK.
  • Bridges, D., Wadham, B., Mundkur, A. & Connor, J. (2016 January).  Women's Integration into the Australian Defence Force - The Lifting of the Combat Exclusion and The Social and Cultural Legitimacy of the Feminine. Paper presented at ISME Conference 2016: Women Serving in the Armed Forces: Shaping Modern Values and Beyond. Annapolis, Maryland.
  • Bridges, D., Trede, F., Bowles, W., & Loftus, S. (2010 February). Enhancing the educational benefits of international placements through orientation. Paper presented at WACE International Conference on Work Integrated Learning: University-Industry Collaboration for Real Life Education, Hong Kong.
  • Trede, F. & Bridges, D. (2010 April). Developing professional research identities: Challenges and opportunities for supervising and training the mid career PhD student. Paper presented at 9th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference, Stamford Grand, Adelaide.

Media Contributions

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