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Public Lectures by Donald Case

Donald CaseThe CSU community is invited to join the Information Practices Research Group and the School of Information Studies at these lectures in the seminar room, Building 05:

2 May 11am:

Title: Mapping Information Behaviour research onto other disciplines

Abstract: How information behaviour research contributes to other disciplines is the focus of this presentation. In particular the fields of Journalism, Communication, Education, and Community Health are considered as areas in which a long history of overlapping research is evident. Examples include topics such as public use of mass media (newspapers, TV), reliance on friends and family as sources, use of blogs and discussion groups, the effect of the Internet on older sources, student research habits, patient information seeking, and source selection by health care professionals.

3 May 10:30am (part of Research Philosopher's Café series):

Title: Finding the right publication for your work: Lessons learned over 30 years

Abstract: Professor Case gives a personal view of his own experience, both publishing his own work, and reviewing the work of others for various journals. He discusses the scope, strengths and weaknesses of various LIS journals, with particular emphasis on publishing Information Behaviour research. What to do, and what to avoid, in writing, submitting, and revising your work in response to reviews.