Dr Tamara Browne

Adjunct Research Fellow.

Tamara Kayali Browne, a bioethicist and philosopher of medicine, is a Senior Lecturer in Health Ethics at Deakin University and Adjunct Research Fellow in the Practical and Public Ethics Research Group at Charles Sturt University. She completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge and later served as Lecturer in Bioethics at the Australian National University, winning three teaching awards. Her primary research expertise is in the ethics of non-medical sex selection, gender and mental illness. Her book, Depression and the Self: Meaning, Control and Authenticity, was published with Cambridge University Press in 2018. Her papers have appeared in such journals as the Journal of Medical Ethics; Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology; Health, Risk and Society; and Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. Her work has also appeared in the media, including The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Conversation, Psychology Today, The Globe and Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC radio and The Project.

Applied Ethics, and Medical Ethics, both at Deakin University.


2018       Browne, T.K. Depression and the Self: Meaning, Control and Authenticity, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Refereed Journal Articles/Book Chapters

2021       Browne, T.K. & Hendl, T. ‘Gender’, in The Routledge Handbook on Feminist Bioethics, Rogers, Carter, Entwistle and Mills (eds), Routledge (accepted).

2020       Browne, T.K. Know Thyself: Jane Discovers the Value of Her Depression, in International Perspectives in Values-based Mental Health Practice: Case Studies and Commentaries, Stoyanov, Fulford, Stanghellini, van Staden and Wong (eds), Springer (online).

2020      Browne, T.K. & Clarke, S. Bioconservatism, Bioenhancement and Backfiring. Journal of Moral Education, 49 (2): 241-256.

2020       Hendl, T. & Browne, T.K. Is ‘Gender Disappointment’ a Unique Mental Illness? Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 23: 281-294. DOI:10.1007/s11019-019-09933-3

2018       Uniacke, S.; Browne, T.K.; Shields, L. How Should We Understand Family-Centred Care? Journal of Child Health Care, 22 (3): 460-469.

2017       Browne, T.K. A Role for Philosophers, Sociologists and Bioethicists in Revising the DSM: A Philosophical Case Conference. Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, 24 (3): 187-201.

Published as a Philosophical Case Conference – i.e. most of the journal is dedicated to my paper, 8 peer commentaries and my response to the commentaries.

2017       Browne, T.K. How Sex Selection Undermines Reproductive Autonomy. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 14 (2): 195-204.

2017       Browne, T.K. Why Parents Should Not Be Told the Sex of Their Fetus. Journal of Medical Ethics, 43 (1): 5-10. Feature article with peer commentary. One of the top ten most frequently read papers in the journal in the previous 12 months.

2017       Forbes Shepherd, R; Browne, T.K.; Warwick, L. A Relational Approach to Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 26 (2): 283-299.

2015       Browne, T.K. Is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Really a Disorder? Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 12 (2): 313-330. One of the top three most frequently discussed articles in the journal in 2014 (online version)

2013       Kayali, T. & Iqbal, F. Depression as Unhomelike Being-in-the-World? Phenomenology’s Challenge to our Understanding of Mental Illness. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 16 (1): 31-39.

2012       Kayali, T. & Iqbal, F. Making Sense of Melancholy: Sub-Categorisation and the Perceived Risk of Future Depression. Health, Risk & Society, 14 (2): 171-189.

Scimago ranking: Q2 Citations: 7

Commentaries and Responses

2017       Browne, T.K. An Ethics Review Panel for the DSM: A Worthwhile Challenge. Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, 24 (3): 235-240.

2017       Browne, T.K. Why Parents Should Not Be Told the Sex of Their Fetus: A Response to the Commentaries. Journal of Medical Ethics, 43 (1): 19-21.

2016       Browne, T.K. The Problem with Sex Selection, O&G Magazine, 18 (2): 38-39.

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