Dr Therese Taylor

Lecturer in History
Wagga Wagga
Bldg 26


As a lecturer in modern history, Therese Taylor maintains research interest in biography, life writing and social history. She is the author of a scholarly biography of a French saint, Bernadette of Lourdes , her life, death and visions, and has written article for Social History of Medicine and other journals. She teaches subjects including HST211, History of Gender, Sexuality and Identity, and HST303, Literature and Society in Interwar Britain.

Therese encourages students to do research on all aspects of culture and society – some of the essay topics she has set include – terrorism in the contemporary world, the historical significance of music in the 1960s, biography as a form of historical literature, and the history of serial murder in the late-twentieth century. These are diverse topics, but are all approached in the same manner – careful attention to sources, wide reading and respect for the historical record.

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