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Associate Professor Morgan Luck

Associate Professor in Philosophy
Wagga Wagga
Bldg 26


Associate Professor Morgan Luck completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham and a PGCE in Religious Education at the University of Cambridge. His thesis concerned the metaphysics of miracles. His areas of research include philosophy of religion (in particular, divine action), ethics of technology (in particular, the ethics of virtual actions), metaphysics, applied ethics and epistemology.

Research interests

  • ethics of technology (in particular, the ethics of virtual actions)
  • philosophy of religion (in particular, divine action)
  • metaphysics
  • epistemology
  • applied ethics

Selected publications

‘Has Ali Resolved the Gamer’s Dilemma?’. Ethics and Information Technology 17/4 (2018)
‘Escaping Heaven and Hell’ Religious Studies 52/3 (2015)
'Incommensurability, slight pains and God' International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 75/2 (2014);
Philosophical Explorations of New and Alternative Religious Movements (Ashgate 2012);
‘Hell, the Rights of the Child, Freedom of Religion and Exit Costs’ Journal of Religion & Society 14 (2012)
‘Should we want God not to exist?' Philo 15/2 (2012)
‘Defining Miracles: Violations of the Laws of Nature'. Philosophy Compass 6/2 (2011)
'The Gamer's Dilemma: An analysis of the arguments for the moral distinction between virtual murder and virtual paedophilia'. Ethics and Information Technology 11/1 (2009).
‘Crashing a Virtual Funeral: Morality in MMORPGs’. Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society 7/4 (2009)

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