Teaching and Research Staff

Dr Daniel Cohen

BA(Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Wagga Wagga
Building 26


Daniel Cohen is a senior lecturer in philosophy at Charles Sturt University. His research interests include ethical theory, free will and moral responsibility, and moral psychology.

Journal articles

  • Bales, A., Cohen D., and Handfield T. In press. 'Decision Theory for Agents with Incomplete Preferences.' Australasian Journal of Philosophy.
  • Cohen, D. and Handfield, T. 2010. `Rational Capacities, Resolve, and Weakness of Will.' Mind. 119:907-932.
  • Cohen, D. and Luck, M. 2009. `Why a Victim's Age is Irrelevant When Assessing the Wrongness of Killing.' Journal of Applied Philosophy 26: 396-401.
  • Cohen, D. and Hand_eld, T. 2007. `Finking Frankfurt.' Philosophical Studies 135: 363-374.
  • Cohen, D. 2006. `Openness, Accidentality and Responsibility.' Philosophical Studies 127: 581-597.

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