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Dr Lachlan Brown

Senior Lecturer in English
Wagga Wagga
Bldg 26


Lachlan has been living in Wagga since 2011. He grew up in Macquarie Fields in Southwest Sydney and completed his PhD at the University of Sydney. In 2008 he was a recipient of the Marten Travelling Bequest for poetry and in 2013 he received an Emerging Writers' Grant.

He has won the Sydney University Henry Lawson poetry prize, the Macquarie Fields poetry prize, and the Hermes best poem award. Lachlan has also been shortlisted for the Blake Poetry Prize as well as being shortlisted and commended in the 2014 Newcastle Poetry Prize, highly commended in the 2015 Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize, and runner up in the 2016 Judith Wright Overland Poetry Prize.

Lachlan's poems have appeared in journals including CorditeMascaraHeatRabbit, Southerly, St Mark's Review and Island. His first volume of poetry, Limited Cities (Giramondo), was highly commended for the Dame Mary Gilmore Award.

He has given readings at the Sydney Writers' Festival, the Write Around the Murray Festival, the Newcastle Young Writer's Festival, The Emerging Writers' Festival, Noted Literary Festival, and at the Association for the Study of Australian Literature Conference.

Lachlan has exhibited at ANCA with Dr Tony Curran and is working on a

Lachlan's latest book of poetry, Lunar Inheritance, is forthcoming with Giramondo Publishing



  • LIT214 Australian Literature
  • LIT221 Creative Writing
  • LIT302 Contemporary Australian Writing
  • WRT210 Writing for Publication

Research Areas

  • Literature and Philosophy
  • Poetry and poetics
  • Poetry and Visual Arts Collaboration
  • Creative practice (poetry)
  • Literature and Theology
  • Literature and Suburbs
  • Contemporary Australian Writing
  • Transnational short fiction
  • Asian-Australian writing
  • Literature and computer games

Research Publications (selected)

2016: '"The Way of Our Streets": Exploring the Urban Sacred in Three Australian Poems,' Religions, Special Issue: English Poetry and Christianity, (12), 138; doi:10.3390/rel7120138

2015 'The Beautiful Pixels': Computer Games and Two Contemporary Australian Poems, Axon: Creative Explorations, vol 5, no 2, November 2015

2015 'Worlds Apart: Nam Le's The Boat and Ali Alizadeh's Transactions,' Transnational Literature, vol. 7 no. 2, May 2015.

2014 'What we (non)believe: reading poems by Charles Wright, John Burnside, and Kevin Hart.' Cordite Poetry Review, no. 48, November 2014. http://cordite.org.au/essays/what-we-nonbelieve/

2014 '". . . An Asian Dummy with an Aussie Voice": Ventriloquism and Authenticity in Nam Le's The Boat and Tim Winton's The Turning,' JASAL, vol. 14, no. 3. https://openjournals.library.sydney.edu.au/index.php/JASAL/article/view/10273.

2014 'A Present Absence, an Absent Presence: Reading Kevin Hart's "For Marion, My Sister,"' Antipodes, 28.2 (June 2014), 123-134.

2013 'Globalised Fiction Becomes a Fact: Nam Le Launches The Boat' in Dalziell, T. and Genoni, P. eds Telling Stories: Australian Literature and Life 1935-2012, Clayton: Monash University Press, 566-572.

2012 '"All the Village was Running": Some Voices from Young Refugees in Western Sydney' in Dixon, R. and Kirkpatrick, P. eds Republics of Letters: Literary Communities in Australia, 267-278.

2012 'Listening for "The Silence of the Night": Reading Kevin Hart's "The Voice of Brisbane", Religion and the Arts, 16.4, 357-380.

2011 'The Edges and Voices of Silence in Kevin Hart's Wicked Heat', Southerly, 71.3, 193-2007.

2011 Review: of Ashcroft, W.D. et. al. Intimate Horizons: The Postcolonial Sacred in Australian LiteratureAustralian Literary Studies, 26.2, 109-112.

2011 '"A Name I Never Heard Till Now": Reading Kevin Hart's Peniel', Religion and Literature, 43.1, 101-117.

2007 'Exploring the Shadow of Your Shadow', JASAL, Special Issue, 106-116.

Conference Presentations (selected)

21 April 2017 'Structuring the World,' Australian Writing After the Internet (Association for the Study of Australian Literature), University of Newcastle.

8 July 2016, 'Reading Uncreative Writing,' Write Conference (Simeon Network), Newtown, Sydney.

13 April 2016, 'Humanity, relationships and spirituality in Tim Winton's novels,' Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Burwood, Sydney [invited lecture].

1 April 2016 'Some Thoughts on Structure and Representation in Australian Transnational Short Fiction Collections,' The American Association of Australasian Literary Studies Annual Conference, The University of Washington.

23-26 July 2015 'Always falling off the mountain: faith and doubt in Luke Carman's An Elegant Young Man,' Grounding the Sacred Conference, Australian Catholic University, Strathfield.

9 April 2015. 'The Ending of Tim Winton's Eyrie: A Post-Evangelical Reading.' AAALS Conference, TCU, Texas.

11 July 2014, 'Worlds Apart: Alizadeh's Transactions and Le's The Boat' ASAL Worlds Within Conference, Sydney: University of Sydney.

24 April 2014. 'Posthuman Computer Game Nostalgia: two poems by Davidson and Weightman.' AAALS Conference, Portland State University, Oregon.

3rd August 2013. 'The edges of belief in an age of post-belief: Charles Wright, John Burnside and Kevin Hart.' Addressing the Sacred, Strathfield, Sydney: Australian Catholic University.

6 July 2013. "'No. Where are you really from?" Accented tropes of authenticity in Nam Le's The Boat and Tim Winton's The Turning.' ASAL: Country, Wagga Wagga: Charles Sturt University.

13 December 2011. 'Nam Le's The Boat: Global Contexts and Identities.' Vanishing Borders in the Age of Globalism: Austral-Asian Perspectives. AASA Conference, Hyderabad, India: Osmania University.

Creative Publications (selected)

2017: 'Anti-Semantic,' Island Magazine, no 128,

2017: 'Another Responsibility,' 'from The Surface of Your Lunar Inheritance,' 'ah-political,' Pencilled In, no 1, pp. 33-35.

2017: 'Aletheia,' Cordite, no 57, http://cordite.org.au/poetry/confession/aletheia/

2017: 'Americarnage,' If You Can Hear This, Sibling Rivalry Press, Little Rock: AK, p 67.

2017: 'Apology Accepted,' Marathon Literary Review, February, http://marathonlitreview.com/?p=1272

2017: 'Second Launch,' Cordite, no 57.1, https://cordite.org.au/poetry/ekphrastic/second-launch/

2016: 'Walking to a Baptist Church without a FitBit outside of Fort Worth, Texas, Easter 2016,' 'Ananias,' 'a dream about matthew 25,' St Marks Review, no 238, pp. 37-38.

2016: '#birthdaypicnic,' in Rabbit no 17 (Geography), p.

2016: 'Suspended Belief,' in SH Batt (ed), The Best Australian Poems 2016, (Carlton, Vic: Black Inc.) pp. 26-27.

2016: 'Creative Vacancy,' in Cordite, no. 55, http://cordite.org.au/poetry/explode/creative-vacancy/.

2016: 'The Gift of Books and the Night,' Tincture Journal, no. 15, p. 147.

2016: 'Evensong,' in M Langford, J Beveridge, J Johnson and D Musgrave (eds), Contemporary Australian Poetry (Glebe. NSW: Black Inc.), pp. 74.

2015: 'Blended Learning,' Cha Magazine, March 2015, http://www.asiancha.com/content/view/2054/496/

2015: 'For an Analogue Psalter', 'Single Origin', Axon, issue 8: Creative Cities, http://axonjournal.com.au/issue-8-1/analogue-psalter-single-origin

2015: '(safe break)' and '(some introduction required)', Axon, issue 8: Creative Cities, http://axonjournal.com.au/issue-8-1/safe-break-some-introduction-required

2015: '(self-justification)' and '(even chance or, why you find it difficult to speak with people in a lift)', in Mascara Literary Review, Issue 17 April 2015 http://mascarareview.com/lachlan-brown-2/

2014: 'Bracketing a Bursting House,' in Once Wild: Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology, 2014, Cooks Hill, NSW: Hunter Writers' Centre, 37-42.

2014: 'servant elitism2,' Verity La, Nov 15, 2014. http://verityla.com/servant-elitism2-lachlan-brown/

2014: 'Is This,' Cordite Poetry Review, no. 48, 2014. http://cordite.org.au/poetry/constraint/is-this/

2014: with Nathanael O'Reilly, 'Well Tempered,' Cordite Poetry Review, no. 47, 2014. http://cordite.org.au/poetry/collaboration/well-tempered/

2014: 'Keep Clam', Rabbit, no. 10, 81.

2013: 'Outstretched Arms,' in Gorton, L. ed. Best Australian Poems 2013, Collingwood: Black Inc., (118-122)

2013: 'Sestet15', Etchings, no. 11, 48.

2012: Limited Cities, Atarmon: Giramondo. http://www.giramondopublishing.com/poetry/limited-cities/

2012: 'Fungenerator' in Kelen, K. ed, Notes for the Translators: 142 New Zealand and Australian Poets, Macao: Associations of Stories in Macao, 68-70.

2009: 'Advent', 'Advent 5', 'Advent 6,' Heat, no. 21, 113-116.

Readings (selected)

2016: (6/5) Lithop: Mixtape Memoirs, Noted Literary Festival, Smith's Alternative Bookshop, Canberra

2016: Sappho Books (11/4), Glebe, Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize

2015: (11/3) Poetry Reading with Booranga Writer in Residence Eileen Chong at Wagga Wagga Historic Council Chambers.

2015: (10/4) Poetry Reading with Peter Kirkpatrick and Nathanael O'Reilly, AAALS Conference, TCU Fort Worth2015: (22/4) Booranga AGM Guest Reading/Presentation, Wagga Wagga Historic Council Chambers.

2014: 'The Canberra Caravan,' (5/11) with Ingrid Jonach, Lucy Neave, Tom Doig and Laura Jean McKay as part of the Emerging Writers' Festival Roadshow. Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra.

2014: 'The Caravanserai of Courage,' (4/11) with Laura Jean McKay and Tom Doig as part of the Emerging Writers' Festival Roadshow, Booranga Writers' Centre, Wagga Wagga.

2014: 'The Centre of Sydney', (21/5), reading with Mohammed Ahmad, Luke Carman, Felicity Castagna, and Fiona Wright at ICE, Parramatta as part of the Sydney Writers' Festival.

2014: 'Lachlan Brown Poetry Reading', (21/4) TCU, Fort Worth, Texas. Sponsored by the Bryson Society.

2013: 'The Poet's Loft,' (6/9) Write Around the Murray Festival, with Derek Motion and David Gilbey.

2013: 'Readings Readings: Brown Brothers Winter Poetry Festival,' (29/8) with Anne Elvey and Sarah Day at Readings Bookshop, Carlton.

2013: 'Poetry Reading at Wagga City Library,' (23/5) with Keri Glastonbury.

2010: 'Inside the Westside Writers' Group,' (18/5) reading and panel as part of The Sydney Writers' Festival, Bankstown.

2008: 'Evensong,' Nightwriting, with Mike Ladd and Esther Ottaway, for the Redroom Company at the Sydney Writers' Festival.

Research Grants, Prizes, Awards, Residencies

2016: Judith Wright Poetry Prize (shortlisted and runner up)

2016: CSU Faculty of Arts Research Compact Grant

2015: Canberra Poetry Prize longlist

2015 Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize (shortlisted and highly commended)

2015: Shortlisted and recommended for the Cha magazine 'Other Side' Competition

2014: Newcastle Poetry Prize (commended)

2014: Visiting Scholar (TCU, Fort Worth, Texas)

2014: Special Studies Project, CSU

2013: Emerging Writers' Grant, Australia Council for the Arts

2013: Mary Gilmore poetry award (highly commended for Limited Cities)

2011: Faculty Research Fellowship, CSU

2009: Dame Leonie Kramer Prize in Australian Poetry (Sydney University).

2008: Blake Poetry Prize (shortlisted).

2008-9: Marten Travelling Bequest for Poetry.

2006: University of Sydney Union Poetry Prize (winner).

2005-8: Australian Postgraduate Award.

2005: Hermes Best Poem award (winner).

2005: Sydney University Grant in Aid.

2004: University Medal in Australian Literature.

2004: NSW institute of Journalists' Prize in Australian Literature.

2004: Dame Leonie Kramer Prize in Australian Poetry (Sydney University).

2004: Sydney University Henry Lawson prize for poetry (joint winner).

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