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Dr Will Dobud

Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work (AP)

Lecturer in Social Work
Wagga Wagga

Will Dobud has worked predominately with adolescents in the private and public sector. Coming to Australia from the United States in 2009, Will built True North Expeditions, a non-profit program in Adelaide, SA, providing adventure therapy experiences and social work services for adolescents from all over the country. In 2015, Will was awarded the Australian Postgraduate Award for research promise.

Will’s ongoing research and publications focuses on participant experiences of care in a variety of settings and exploring what works to deliver more effective social work services. Will is particularly interested in Feedback-Informed Treatment, the Outdoor Therapies, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Having worked in residential and outpatient settings in Australia, the United States, and Norway, Will brings years of experiences working with a diverse range of clients to his teaching. Will engages in students in ways to provide more meaningful services to their clients. He teaches a variety of courses including research methods, cross-cultural competence, and human service organisations. Will’s passion is in delivering fun, captivating, and informative courses for social work and human service students.

Will’s research interests are centred on people’s experiences of social work services. Will has written qualitative research about such experience, the promise of routine outcome monitoring, and trauma-informed care. Will is currently wrapping up an edited book titled An Introduction to Outdoor Therapies, which will be published in 2020 by Routledge.

State Representative for the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy, Inc.


Harper, N. J., & Dobud, W. W. (Eds.). (2020, in press). An introduction to outdoor therapies. Routledge.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Harper, N. J., Magnuson, D., & Dobud, W. W. (2020, in press). A closer look at involuntary treatment and the use of transport services in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (wilderness therapy). Residential Treatment for Children & Youth.

Dobud, W. W., Cavanaugh, D. L., Harper, N. J. (2020, in press). Adventure therapy and the routine outcome monitoring of treatment: The time is now. The Journal of Experiential Education.

Dobud, W. W., & Harper, N. J. (2018). Of Dodo birds and common factors: A scoping review of direct comparison trials in adventure therapy. Complementary therapies in clinical practice, 31, 16-24.

Dobud, W. (2017). Towards an evidence-informed adventure therapy: Implementing feedback-informed treatment in the field. Journal of evidence-informed social work, 14(3), 172-182.

Dobud, W. (2016). Exploring adventure therapy as an early intervention for struggling adolescents. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education, 19(1), 33.

Book Chapters

Dobud, W. W., Pringle, G., & Harper, N. J. (2020, in press). The next frontier: Wilderness therapy and the treatment of complex trauma. In M. Rogerson., E. Brymer, & J. Barton, Nature, physical activity, and health. Routledge.

Dobud, W. W., & Cavanaugh, D. L. (2020, in press). Future directions for outdoor therapies. In N. J. Harper & W. W. Dobud (Eds.), An introduction to outdoor therapies. Routledge.

Conference Papers & Workshops

Dobud, W. (2018, September). To chart a course: How we can improve our adventure therapy practice. Paper presented at the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference, Stanwell Tops, NSW.

Natynczuk, S. & Dobud, W. (2018, September). Re-introducing humanity to adventure therapy with solution-focused brief therapy. Paper presented at the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference, Stanwell Tops, NSW.

Dobud, W. (2017, April). Just how good are you? Routinely monitoring your BAT performance for improving your effectiveness. Presented at the AABAT Forum, Candlebark, VIC.

Dobud, W. (2016, November). Co-adventuring in adventure therapy. Presented at the OEASA State Outdoor Educators Conference, Adelaide, SA.

Dobud, W. (2016, November). Consumer-driven, recovery-oriented practice: Using feedback-informed treatment to improve consumer participation. Paper presented at the 5th Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium, Kingscliff, NSW.

Dobud, W. (2016, April). Client-directed adventure therapy. Presentation at the AABAT Forum, Adelaide, SA.

Dobud, W. (2015, July). Matching adventure therapy interventions to client strengths fostering stronger therapeutic rapport. Presented at the 7th International Adventure Therapy Conference, Denver, CO.

Dobud, W. (2014, April). Speaking their language: Matching therapeutic interventions to client strengths in outdoor settings. Presented at the 18th National Outdoor Education Conference, Adelaide, SA.

Dobud, W. (2014, April). Speaking their language: Matching therapeutic interventions to client strengths. Presented at the ANZMHA’s No2Bullying Conference, Gold Coast, QLD.

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