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Bain, Alan

School of Teacher Education

Inclusive Education- learning and Behaviour foci; Inclusive Schools; Educational Technology; Educational Productivity Research; Teaching and Learning  (School and University); Teacher Preparation; School and Higher Education Reform and Improvement; School Organisation

Qualitative and Quantitative research approaches; Evaluation Research

Inclusive Education; Teacher Education; School Learning; Educational Technology

Cumming, Tamara

School of Teacher Education

Early childhood education and care; early childhood educators; early childhood practice and politics; well-being; workforce sustainability; policy

Qualitative and post-structural methodologies


Danaia,  Lena

School of Teacher Education

Science education; Astronomy education; Teacher education; Transition (primary to high school and high school to tertiary); Teacher professional learning; Classroom practice; Curriculum development


Daniel, Graham

School of Teacher Education

Family School Partnerships; Children's experience of schooling; Early childhood research; Teacher Education

Qualitative methods; (Phenomenology; Discourse analysis; Case study research); Quantitative methods

Education; Primary Education; Early Childhood Education

Letts,  Will

School of Teacher Education

Science education; Cultural studies of science education; Gender and sexuality in schooling; Teacher education theory and practice

Ethnographic methods; queer theory; feminist post-structuralism


Liu,  Jianxin (Richard)

School of Teacher Education

TESOL; New learning; Multimodality and multimodal assessment; Gender and masculinity studies; Cultural studies; China and Chinese studies; Post-structural and postcolonial theories


Logan, Helen

School of Teacher Education

Early Childhood Education; Quality; Policy and Policy History; Educator Well-being; Leadership and Pedagogical practice

Qualitative research methods; discourse analysis; elite interviews; mixed methods design

Early Childhood Education

Lana McCarthy

School of Teacher Education

Health and Physical Education, Teacher Education, Physical Activity, Sports Coaching, Sports Team Culture and Leadership

Qualitative Research Methods

Teacher Education, Sports Coaching, Sports Teach Culture and Leadership

Brian Moore

School of Teacher Education

Educational psychology, Mental health and wellbeing, School-based mental health interventions, Martial arts, training and mental health, Physical activity and mental health, Disability and school based services, Bullying and resilience

Quantitative research

Educational Psychology

Inclusive Education

Murray,  Libbey

School of Teacher Education

Early childhood; Transition to school; School adjustment; Kindergarten; Starting school; Learning readiness; Including children in research; Teacher-child relationships; Classroom quality


Owens,  Kay

School of Teacher Education

Mathematics education particularly transitions in culture and early childhood education; Geometry and measurement education; Visuospatial reasoning; Ethnomathematics; Evaluation research; Indigenous education particularly in Papua New Guinea and Australia; Curriculum evaluation; Human society and environmental education studies; Integrating ICTs in schools

Mixed methods; Quantitative; Qualitative research


Vigliante, Tace

School of Teacher Education

Social justice education; Anti-racism education; Indigenous studies in higher/teacher education; Philosophy for and with children; Philosophical and ethical inquiry in teacher education; Capabilities Approach in education; Society and Environment (social studies) education


Winslade, Matthew

School of Teacher Education

Health and Physical Education; Health Promotion; Physical Activity; Professional Experience /Work Integrated learning; Intercultural and cultural competence; teacher education; School-university partnerships

Qualitative research methods

Teacher Education

Zundans-Fraser,  Lucie

School of Teacher Education

Inclusive education; Special education; Gifted education; Course design; Curriculum design; Collaborative practice; Higher education

Qualitative research methods; Design-based research